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Hi! I'm looking for anyone to give me advise on travelling through the air with pnut allergies. I am taking (hopefully) my 5 year old with a severe allergy to Oklahoma from Oregon. Delta airlines offered that they would have pretzels served in the surrounding area of our seats, but could not guarantee a peanut free flight. I've heard alot of airlines now serve a trail mix, including Delta, contains peanuts!!But they were really really nice, and helpful with my problem.

On May 23, 2000

I recently flew on both Continental and Delta airlines. I would call the airline about a week before you're due to travel and ask them to serve a different snack, such as plain pretzels for your flight. I have found that if you call ahead of time, most airlines will do that. What they cannot guarantee is that the meals on the flight do not contain peanuts. In that case just don't eat the meal, and you should have nothing to worry about. Even if it has peanut oil, I have never heard of someone reacting to the smell of the oil as they would to a whole peanut or peanut butter. An added bonus is that the meal would be eaten with some sort of utensil, which eliminates the chance of someone with peanutty fingers touching surfaces such as armrests or bathroom fixtures (Unless the person is a complete slob!). On my recent Delta flight I didn't bother to tell the flight attendants about my allergy since I was lucky enough to be in first class (there was no one seated within five feet of me!). On my Continental flight, I did tell the flight attendant, and he said that once they are told that there is a PA person on a plane, they cannot by law open so much as one pack of peanuts on the plane. (I don't know how true that is, but I was glad to hear that!). As luck would have it, we sat on the ground for four hours and people started begging for snacks. All they had were the peanuts and they still wouldn't give them out. I was impressed, but those hungry passengers were hating me! I would call the airline to find out their policy. It seems that people get different answers all the time!

On May 23, 2000

Fly United if at all possible. Their snack mixes are peanut-free. Call ahead for special childrens' meal request -- specify no peanut butter &/or order fruit/salad plate. Do remember that if you fly on United Express or any other non-main-line United flight (as with ANY other airline) those airlines will have different policies & different procedures. Be prepared for missed connections -- meaning bring tons of peanut-free food for family & if bumped or displaced, insist on staying on mainline United,if at all possible, as their standing policy is to be "peanut free" -- though that is not always a guarantee when it comes to the sauces on foods. (It means no peanuts in snacks served.) Good luck. I have had nightmare experiences on Delta & not just with peanut. Stay Safe. EB

On May 23, 2000

Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it. I am very scared, as I have seen what just the smell of pnut has done to my son. It was really weird, that he wouldn't eat pnut butter cookies even before he could talk! Thanks again! Is there a chat room that people go to about this subject??

On May 23, 2000

Fly United...they are peanut free and your flight will be way less stressful. I wouldn't guarentee the other airlines not serving you can see from this thread. Many times they seem to promise that and then the flight comes and they don't honor their promises.

On May 29, 2000

I switched my flight from Delta to United. I feel a little better now!!!!