Delayed contact reaction?

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My DD broke out in hives on both hands today right after finishing lunch. Started with two on one finger (looked like whitish welty mosquito bites) then the other hand, and two on wrist arm. Nothing unusual or new for lunch eats all the things she ate very frequently. She is PA/TNA. What I am wondering is we went to Gymboree playgroup today two things standout there...the soap in the bathroom had a spicy/fragrance and the gymbo stamp they use on their hands. The only thing is the hives didn't start till 2 hours later/after Gymboree (and we washed up and changed clothes when we got home before eating). The hives lasted about 15 minutes old ones disappearing, new ones starting- so I got out the benedryl which resolved them completely and gave her a bath.

Has anyone ever had a contact or soap reaction delayed for around 2 hours? Has anyone ever had an ingestion reaction of just hives on hands- no other symptoms? Just hoping to get some ideas/advice. Thanks!

On Dec 9, 2006

I do this!

My contact reactions have always been delayed for 1/2 an hiour to 12 hours!

And they start the same way as your son,little middgy bites that grow.spread iover time!

On Dec 9, 2006

Thanks so much- she seems fine today- I really think it was contact from playgroup, or the soap or ink stamp from playgroup. It makes it hard to pinpoint reactions when they are delayed!

On Dec 10, 2006

With me, this is how i can tell wether my reactions will become dangerous or not:

Dangerous: Huge/in your face hyives/V fast spreading- seconds til throat closes

Milder- midgy bites that grow/spread over 1/2 an hour to 12 hours.

Thats just me though!

On Jan 4, 2007

Funny you mention this... tonight I spotted 3 welts on my 3 year old shellfish allergic daughter; two on her bottom cheeks and one on her wrist. OUT OF NOWHERE! She'd just gotten into the bath, and yes with a new bubble bath - well, it's the second time it's been used, but hey you don't always react the first time!!! Frustrating as it is, I have no idea what set off the welts. My six year old daughter [peanut/cashew/pistachio/tree nut, shellfish, sesame seed, poppy seed, coconut, mandarine, dog & cat hair allergic...] has had 3 reactions in the last fortnight, 2 of which are unexplained. It is awful that we cannot always pinpoint what sets of these reactions. BUT WE SURVIVE! Best of luck...