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Posted on: Wed, 07/17/2002 - 11:22pm
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pI've been researching restaurants in southern California for our upcoming trip there. I thought Del Taco was promising because they don't serve desserts. After receiving an inadequate response from customer service (saying they use "vegetable oil" and that they didn't THINK any products contained peanuts), I wrote back, and received a very nice answer from Del Taco's "Director of Food Safety/Quality Assurance" who said the vegetable oil is 100% soybean oil and that none of their products contain traces of peanuts or peanut-based ingredients...there is ONE EXCEPTION: a franchisee in the Barstow area prepares their own tortilla chips by frying them in peanut oil. The company has recently requested that this location stop this practice, but has not received confirmation that they have complied. She said would check into this immediately and that this is the only area where this practice is performed. She said the only reason why they have been allowed to do this in the past is because they are a licensee (actually founded Del Taco), and as a licensee they are allowed to develop a slightly different menu. Allbr /
other Del Taco's must meet specific ingredient requirements./p
pI wrote back thanking her profusely for the helpful and specific information./p
pCheck for yourself, of course. Here is contact info:/p
pDel Taco World Headquartersbr /
23041 Avenida De La Carlotabr /
Laguna Hills, CA 92653/p
pe-mail: [email][/email]br /
(try writing back if you don't get a helpful response the first time)/p
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Posted on: Thu, 07/18/2002 - 8:26am
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As a San Diego resident, I used to eat Del Taco but I'd seem to get headaches and bad dreams so I stopped eating there. I think it was a reaction to a lot of MSG. I never had any reaction to Rubios mexican restaurant here. There a big chain here and they have good fish tacos(real popular in southern Cali)


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