DD4.5 recently diagnosed


Hi all! DD4.5 was recently diagnosed with PA and TNA (after a horrible reaction on Memorial Day), so I'm pretty much losing my mind right now trying to figure out things she can and can't eat without making her, DH, and DD2.5 crazy. I've been lurking on here the last couple of weeks and figured it was time to sign up.

We're at least trying to find the silver lining in some of this...1)she loves the medical alert bracelet we got her 2)I get to try out new cake recipes each time she attends a bday party (cakes are my hobby) and 3)it's making us much more aware of what's in our food as a whole.

We're very new to this side of the allergy game (as my allergies are mainly airborne), so please be patient with me if I ask any stupid or crazy insane questions.


By cervonil on Jul 5, 2011

the silver lining for us was also that I started realizing all the nasty harmful junk that is allowed in our food system. IT is really a disgrace. I have cut out a lot of stuff. The food allergy thing does get easier. Check your library for allergy books, try to join a local support group - they really help, and make a list of all your contact with companies. You will start to forget who you've spoken to, what is safe, what is not etc.

By wehatepeanuts on Jul 12, 2011

It does get easier..At first I was lost but keep reading here..Also nut free mom blog, and she has a facebook page..Also check out fancypantsbakery.com, and vermontnutfree.com..After awhile you will trust certain brands more for their labeling, and I do believe companies are more strict with their standards.... Just avoid ice cream parlors, and bakery stuff the most, including donuts... If you ever have particular questions ask her or on nut free mom blog, and som others on facebook you will find when you put in peanut allergy, or message me here :)