Daycare problems


Hello! Just thought I would share my "new" experience with you! I found out my 1 year old had a PA when her daycare gave her a piece of bread with peanut butter on it and she had to make a trip to the ER. I have been freaked out ever since. This was an "infant" room of the daycare. Needless to say she does NOT go there anymore. I now stay home. I do like to get out every now and then so I joined a local gym which provides day care for the short time you are there (about an hour for me). Of course, I alerted them of my child's PA and they assured me that only graham crackers & Kool-Aid were allowed. (by the way...if anyone knows of alerts on graham crackers please let me know). I thought "Oh this will be good, I can get away and she will be safe". Well, the majority of my visits I noticed that other foods were in the room. I did not leave until I knew everything was gone and there were no traces of peanuts. I talked to the management again, and again and was assured.. No FOOD other than the previously mentioned. The other day I took her in and a child was sitting in the room eating peanut butter crackers. Also, I noticed there was a bag of peanuts/raisins sitting on the counter. Well, of course....I lost it!!! I could not believe they could do this. The daycare worker said "Oh Pey is here, everyone get rid of your food"!! I told her NO she could not say that about us and I would not be bringing her if I thought there would be any food in the daycare other than what I was told. I also gave them the run down about how serious the allergy was. She said she can't help what the parents bring in. EXCUSE ME!!!!!! A rule is a rule and it needs to be posted so everyone knows. I talked to the owner who apparently didn't know what was going on & he said he would take care of it. I feel like a thorn in their side but I am just amazed at how lax they can be. I really would like to be able to take her here & feel comfortable getting some exercise. I definitely WON'T if I ever see a morsal of food in there that shouldn't be.....but what should I do?!?!!? I need to give them straight forward literature on anaphylaxis and the dangers of the allergy. I am determined to educate these people. Anyone know of a good one? Thanks.

On Dec 12, 2001

I am fairly new here as well, and can relate. I had known my daughter was allergic to peanuts and eggs, but not yet seen the allergist. Thus, I did not fully realize the danger. She had eaten peanut butter several times before it was clear, and I thought that meant she should not have it, and it *could* get dangerous, but not if she avoided peanut products. At our gym, I told them, and the woman in charge that day chuckled at the egg allergy, remarking they would not serve any eggs(I did explain they could be in a cookie)! She did say they were trained in epipen use, and put a sticker on my daughters chest saying "no nuts/eggs". I provide my own snack and drink, and make that clear. I come back and she is eating a graham cracker(basically okay except I requested to give her own snack!) and worse is that noone knew for sure where she got it. I am sure she was handed it from a provider there, but given my instructions, they should know who gave it. I have basically only brought her in one or two more times, now that I am more aware, and have seen the carelessness. Another time, my daughter picked up a goldfish cracker off the floor and popped it in her mouth(she is 2). I happened to be with that child, so I knew her snack was safe for rebecca, but it is the principle that it could have been anything, and I would not have been there!

Sorry to rant. I am planning to speak with the nursery director at our club to discuss educating the staff. I plan to offer it as a favor for both sides. I have had no direct conflicts on these issues, since I knew my child was okay, and wanted to think through my plan. The FAAN(Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network) sends out several short brochures simply stating the severity, signs and dangers of food allergies and anaphylaxis. That may be less daunting than requesting your gym to read a lengthy book. It sounds like the staff has been disrespectful to you, and you all need to try to get on a clean page about this if it is to work out. Best of luck, and I understand your frustration. mish

On Jan 21, 2002

Thanks for responding. I haven't kept up with this as you can see!!

I think I have finally gotten through to them about this PA thing & the severity of it. I have had several friends call to ask about the daycare & secretly find out whether or not they are sticking to their guns. It seems that they are as they say there "is no food allowed". However, I am still very careful & haven't taken my child there since I last wrote. I need to go in and take a look around before I feel comfortably sure. Sounds like you went through a similar situation. People think they already know EVERYTHING & that is why it is so difficult to explain that allergens come in a lot of different foods.....not just the pure form. I always stress the "fatality" of the PA!! I hate saying that but it is true and the only thing that gets anyone's attention. I don't think anyone would want to be responsible for something as horrible as that. Good luck.