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I don't get much chance to post on here, but I often come in and read other people's advice and problems they encountered. My son who is 21 months goes to daycare everyday. The daycare seems to understand how we feel but the teacher doesn't get it. Today when i brought him in the teacher was giving all the other kids honey nut cheerios. We have a strict avoidence of all nuts, we only know he is PA allegeric but don't want to take any chances with any nuts. The teacher has been told over and over again not to have peanut products or nut product in the classroom, the room is nut free. I have offered and do bring in plain cheerio's for all the kids in the classroom and I just don't get it, what else I can. I thinking of finding a bunch of articles to show her what can happen if he does accidently ingest peanuts.Maybe scare her into understanding! If any one has any of these articles I could bring in please feel free to post them for me. I also would love some ideas on how to deal with this teacher. My son is not the only PA child in this class and I am truely scared for both my son and the other childs safety in this room with her!

On Jul 29, 2005

I think you need to speak with the director of the program. He or she needs to handle this. If the room is nut free then it is nut free and there should be only specific snacks available to that room that meet your approval.

On Jul 29, 2005

I agree. I used to work in a daycare. The protocol for complaints was 1. contact the teacher (which you already did) then if there is still a problem and you feel you need more help, then 2. contact the director. You have a very good reason to do so!

A good article to explain things to those who don't "get it" is in this link:


The FAAN video is another way to teach others about the allergy.

Good luck and keep us posted!

On Jul 29, 2005

Update on Jared's daycare. My husband went in to pick up our son and talked to the head lady. She was informed by a couple people there about what happened today. I guess she went in and talked to the teacher and said there are to be NO peanut products in this room, teacher tried to get out of it a by saying he wasn't there where she served the HN cheerio's but she enforced that it was a nut and peanut free room! While i still think it may happen again been thru it with the teacher a couple of differnt times, but luckly and unluckly he will be going to a new class when he turns 2. Which brings me to another question, not sure how to get them to make it a peanut free room. Daycare was good about the 1 yrs but not so much with the 2's. We are trying to come up with new menu ideas to subistute for foods. Honey nut cheeios is considered a source of protein, fruit and bread. So plain cheerio's is not consider the same. Also they have PBJ once a week at lunch. Was thinking about bring in soy Butter but a child is allergic to it. Only worried about his new room not entire daycare unless they are willing to change it! There will probable be about 11 kids in the room.Any suggestion?

On Jul 31, 2005


Our 2 1/2 yr old daughter is PA and TNA. We have had to work closely with the daycare to make sure it was safe for her. They claimed to be nut free but when speaking with them, they did not understand what Nut Free was. We have provided them with material for reading and have worked closely with the cook. All of the daycare facility is Nut Free now, not just her class room. No outside food is to be brought in. In the event of a birthday, the parents can only bring McCain Deep and Delicious Cakes (I called McCain in Canada and they advised it was ok). No more candy in loot bags, Halloween, etc. It has been very difficult and stressful. You have to trust someone else with your childs safety. My husband checks what she is eating for breakfast in the mornings and we try to keep updated on the other foods she eats. In regards to the cereal, they eat fruit with their cereal. For lunch they have soups, brown rice with veggies and meat pb and jam sandwiches are allowed. I recommend you work closely with the daycare.

On Aug 1, 2005


Originally posted by sare445: [b] Honey nut cheeios is considered a source of protein, fruit and bread. So plain cheerio's is not consider the same. [/b]

I don't think I've ever had them but I can't imagine that honey nut cheerios has enough nuts in it to be considered a "protein food". I would check and compare next time you're at the grocery store. Also where's the fruit in it? [img][/img]

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On Aug 1, 2005

Believe it or not the honey is considered a fruit. I don't see how myself but the dept of health said that it fit the requirements.I am still trying to come up with a couple new ideas and get them to go for it. Even if i have to supply stuff for the room. The other child with food allergies in jared's class i think is alergic to soy and dairy. So i am going to have to take this in to account when i am come up with something.

On Aug 1, 2005


Originally posted by sare445: [b]Believe it or not the honey is considered a fruit. I don't see how myself but the dept of health said that it fit the requirements. [/b]

Oh boy! LOL. That means my honey sandwiches are good for me after all!