daycare issues


I recently told my daycare provider that we would no longer be going there. She gave us just about everything back to us except the epi pens. She acted as if we had never given her any. She said she would look for them and give us a call if she found them. She eventuallly found them, but what a scary thought! What if my son had a reaction while going there?!?! I could not believe it! I guess that confirmed my gut feeling that she wasn't doing a very good job!

On Sep 28, 2005

Im so glad to hear your child is out of there. Scary huh.

On Sep 28, 2005

Wow, it's good that you are out of that situation. If you are putting him in another daycare get into the habit of checking the epi-pens daily. I check the location of my sons epi-pens everytime I drop him off and pick him up from daycare. I want to be sure that they are in the correct place. I started this after one was missplaced found the next morning in the medicine bag they take outside with them.


On Sep 30, 2005

How scary!

Just some advice when finding a new daycare: Also make sure the daycare provider knows how to USE the epi-pen. Precious minutes can be lost if your child is having an attack and the daycare provider has to take the time to read the instructions.