My son has been going to the same daycare since he was 10 weeks old. He is now 3 years old and we found out in July that he is allergic to peanuts, eggs, wheat, soy and bananas. His allergist said to limit his intake of wheat, soy and bananas but to completely avoid peanuts and eggs. I was on maternity leave from having my daughter when we found out about my son so my husband and I went to the daycare and discussed my son's allergies with them. The director said that they will do everything possible to meet his needs. They made his room peanut free and they keep his epi-pen in the main office. The director told me that they do not have a license to use the epi but that she is trained and would use it if the need arised. She also told me that they were applying for the epi license for January 08. Well I have had a few issues with them since my son has been back (he went back in September). They have had a few times when they "forgot" to check the food to see if it was safe, it always ends up being safe but it is just the point that they forgot!! His room is peanut free but I found out that they are allowing parents to bring in treats that they make at home and just not letting my son have any. His teacher said that she is planning on sending a note home to all of the parents to let them know that they cannot send anything in due to having a peanut & egg allergic child in the class, she just hasn't had the time yet! Then the epi pen that I left at the daycare was in the box with the information that I need to refill the prescription so I stopped in the office one day and asked the director if I could see the box so I could write the info down and a took her a few minutes to find it!! I couldn't believe it! Then she tells me that they applied for the epi license for Jan 08 but the state won't allow them to get it, is this possible? I am thinking that it might just be that it will cost them money and they don't want to do it. Is there anything that I can do to enforce them to get this license and train all of the staff that is with my son how to use the epi pen?? Can I get a 504 plan for daycare?? I just can't believe how difficult this has been. I really wish that I could quit my job and just stay home with my children but it is not a possiblity at this point. I am going to sit down with them again and talk to them about all of these issues but thought if it were possible for me to go a legal way I would rather do that. Any info that anyone might have I would greatly appreciate! Thanks! Laurie

On Dec 19, 2007

I know you've probably considered this, but can you change daycares?

There are some that are allergy-friendly. I have one around the corner from my house that is supposedly very good, but I have never used them

Also, there is one in my son's elementary school (small, private Catholic school) and the daycare has access to the school nurse.

Maybe it's worth it to look around. I would not be comfortable with the situation you're dealing with. Best of luck.


On Dec 22, 2007

My son is also in preschool. His is peanut free but they keep the epi and benadryl in the classroom and all the staff is trained. What happens if the one person that is trained to use it isn't there? In ds classroom they have pictures of the children and allergies listed and each is laminated on a main cabinet where their medication is kept. I would not feel comfortable in that situation at all and switch preschool. To me that is not a safe enviroment. That is my opinion. Hope it all works out and please keep us posted on what you decide.

On Dec 24, 2007

Thanks for your reply.....I am having a very hard time with all of this. My son is home with me right now due to me being on vacation. I am looking around to see what other day cares I can find. I don't really feel comfortable sending him to a home daycare situation I feel it should be a daycare center. We only have 2 or 3 them around here that I know of (including the one he is now attending). I am going to talk to the director and also call my husband's cousin who works for the child care counsil and might be able to help us with enforcing the daycare to get the license and train the staff. I just feel like we are being discriminated against with them not putting the effort in to make these changes. I will keep you posted on what happens. Thanks again for your reply. Laurie

On Dec 24, 2007

Hi There..

My son was in daycare since he was 3 he is now in school and is 7. The 2 daycares I chose were both peanut free. the staff was trained to use the epi all of them. They have a picture of him on the wall in the inside of a cabinet where the eip is kept with the benedryl. If there is a substitute they have a list of all the kids and allergies with a picture right on the door. The preschool that he went too and the private kindergarden all served all the meals at the school no food could be brought in. If they had a party or something I sent in a cup cake that was safe for Michael. Bakery items had to be store bought with a label.

I have never heard of a day care needing a license to be able to use an epi- pen.

let us know what happens

On Jan 2, 2008

I am myslf a daycare provider in england i look after a child with a severe allergy and i take it very sereously, you need to make them understand how serious this is, if they wont listern or take it seriously take your custom elsewhere, there are daycare providers that do take it very seriousely,or send your child with a diary for them to fill in every day to see what they are being given if they dont treat it with the care it deserves tell them you will take leagal actio, we have special policies for every possible thing that could go wrong but they should be looking out for your childs welfare. Hope this helps. I had to have training from a specialist (nurse, Doctor and that was fine for my insurance)

On Jan 2, 2008

honestly, i am dumbfounded that they dont keep the epi in the same room as the child! what if, god forbid, the symptoms werent noticed immediatley, then you have to fumble around to call the office and then you have to wait for it to get there? that is OUTRAGEOUS! i dont think i would ever leave kam in daycare/school where it wasnt EASILY found in the SAME ROOM, it would make me way too uncomfortable. Every teacher and aide should be first aid and CPR certified (requirement for employment statewide at child care centers i *think* but maybe its just DS's daycare?) so should know how to and be able to use the epi pen, i cant see any reason why anyone would need a license???