We met with the doctor today about my ds (2yrs). He does have a peanut allergy the dr said that at class 2 he is concidered modorately sinsitive but that since he has already reacted with hives at least once we should think of him as highly sensitve. He said that the only way to keep him from becoming more sensitve is to avoid all exposure. We got an RX for the Epipen jr and were shown how to use it. But I had hoped that they would give me some information to share with the daycare.

Do any of you have any sugestions? I already send all of his foods due to his other food allegies and he eats in a high chair by himself. The school does not serve peanut butter in that class becuase they are all under three. My concren is outside food. How should we handle things?

On Feb 27, 2007

It really sounds as though you are already in a GREAT situation with your care provider.

As for "outside" food, I am assuming that you mean birthday and party treats? Or is this more about parent-provided snacks?

In any case, you need to realize that being at the helm there is not beneficial in the long run-- it is FAR FAR better if the "word" comes from the director of the center-- [i]not from YOU.[/i] Many of us have made the (very serious) mistake of trying to "woo" other parents one by one, trying to handle it ourselves because we don't want to seem heavy-handed. It only creates problems in the long run. The other parents don't face liability problems if something awful happens. The school/center does. [img][/img]

So have a talk with the director about your concerns, but first do a little reading here about preschools and daycare centers on the main board, the "Living with" board and of course Schools. That way you'll be able to anticipate problem areas and bring them up with the director before they arise.

On Feb 27, 2007

Glad ayou found a place that will be peanut free. I did have my child at day care it was peanut free. The previous poster is right talk to the director and have them communicate that there will be no PB in the center.

I gave a list of 20 alternative lunches and/or snacks to bring for lunch instead of PB & J ect... It was a big hit. The director also enlisted other moms to put in one or two suggestions that their child liked other than PB snacks.. it went over really well and I actually got a few new Idea for my son.. He now LOVES Criossant and cheese sandwiches. an Idea I got from another mom. Therese