I wanted to know, for those of you with children in daycare, is it nutfree, if not, how does it work? I am starting back to school and we are finding we will have to put them in daycare and there are not any nut free places here, so I am asking if they are willing to go nut free, of course, most people have no idea what this means, but I was just curious, does your child go to a place that serves say peanut butter, or other foods. I have only found one place that was not willing to make the change, and I am glad it has only been one. The place we are looking at, gave me a list of what they serve, and where they buy it, so I have ok'd some of the food, and others have not. Therese

On Jul 25, 2006

We have just sent all our kids' food to school with them. I just didn't feel comfortable with the preschool's food because they were emptying large containers into storage bins (x-contam?) and throwing away the package--and its label with it. It just seemed much safer and simpler to send their own food. The school was happy with that.


On Jul 26, 2006

This week, we have been going through the daycare nightmare as it relates to our son's peanut allergy. He will be 2 years old in October. They have been at this daycare for 8 weeks. We changed away from his last daycare because he had been bit by a child (the same kid!) several times - the last time in the face.

While searching for their new daycare, I also sought out a peanut free facility and came up empty as well. The places that were peanut free had long waiting lists and, based on our need to make an immediate change, we couldn't wait. So, the place that we ended up at already had one other peanut allergic child. The owner of the daycare allowed me to go through all of her daycare foods and read labels with her. Come to find out, the parents of the other peanut allergic child are not nearly as diligent as we are. And - he is highly allergic to shellfish too! Anyway, she told me that if she served anything with peanuts, that my child and the other allergic child would be in a different room, and the areas with peanuts (tabletops, etc.) would be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before my child was allowed back in. The children eating the peanuts (including my 3 year old) would be washed up as they always are after a meal.

So - this wasn't ideal, but we felt as comfortable as I believe we could under the circumstances.

Everything was cruising along just fine until this last Monday. I came to pick up my kids and there was A PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH SITTING ON THE KITCHEN TABLE!!! It is a long story on how this apparently happened (I'll spare you most of the details :>, but the sandwich was left on the table by her own daughter who wasn't even supposed to be in the part of the facility that is the daycare). So, needless to say, the owner didn't have as much control over the situation as she thought (and I thought) she had. I am sure you can imagine how I felt when I found this. The daycare owner flipped out - apologizing, crying. I basically told her that I was so upset, I couldn't talk to her. I was shaking, gathered my kids, left and immediately started to make plans to put my kids with a close friend until we could find a new daycare.

I ended up talking to the owner that night. She agreed to go completely peanut free. I offered to do all the leg work, including supplying her with Sunflower Butter, as a peanut butter alternative. Luckily, in the eight weeks my kids have been at her daycare, she has become incredibly attached to them. She doesn't want us to leave and she knows that is the only other alternative for us.

I am not sure if this will work, but I think we are going to give it another try. I feel like if I move them again, I am just going to be trading one situation for another - and I feel like we have at least made progress where we are at. My god, I cannot begin to imagine what it will be like when my son starts school...

Sorry to ramble! You really hit a nerve when you asked about daycares... I feel your pain!

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