I am starting back to school this fall and if we are not able to find someone to come to our home, we will need to find a daycare. The last time before my son was dx, he was in a family setting meaning one person, up to 6 kids. I like small, less confusion. I have expanded my search to a group setting also, up to 12 kids more care givers, as with 2 children I think it will be harder to find a place for them both . There are no peanut free places here. So, I am starting to call, and I have no idea what to ask. I want it to be my first question, after do you have openings. BUT how to ask, without being rude, or blunt. Not rude, but I am not sure how to ask My needs are, a peanut/tree nut environment. I have even thought of buying and supplying either sun butter or soy butter (neither of which we have tried), to the provider if they are willing to not serve peanut butter. I am surprised at the number of people even today who have not heard of PA. Our home is compeltely nut/peanut free, no may contains or trace. I am just wondering, will I ever find a place? I am sort of mad that it isn't required to meet the needs of a child, to me it is a disability in a sense, as his life is alterd on how he lives, His special needs, well he nees to keep away from nuts, but it is not seen that way. WE moved here so I could finish my degree. My dh is not able to work different hours, or he would. I have 3 semesters left. My number one option would be our house as it is already safe. My brother suggested putting an add in the paper about needing someone in our home, should I try that and leave out that he is PA until someone calls? Thanks Therese

On Jul 11, 2006

What an excellent idea your brother had! What about trying to find another mom that could come to your house? This way the house would be safe.

Perhaps you could find another student's wife that needs the income, but is less interested in running childcare as a "business". Less kids to worry about to expose your child.

Better for routine illnesses, too.

Good luck, Daisy

On Jul 11, 2006

If your college has an early childhood education program, this may be just the ticket-- place a few posters in the ed department so that you could get someone to come to your house a few hours a week. An undergrad in the ed program is your best bet-- and tell them you would be happy to act as a professional reference if they handle your child's disability well. [img][/img]

(This is how friends of mine have always found reliable babysitters for their child with Down's.)