how do you do this with a PA child? I have been home since my son was dx last fall. I am 3 semesters away from my nursing degree, (the whole reason we moved from where we lived, so I could finish). When he was in daycare ( started at 22 months) for 4 months only, I broght all his meals, as we try to eat organic, or as close to as possible, and I didn't want to sway from that, BUT he was allowed the afternoon snacks, fruit snacks. Anyway, We have thought of hiring somenoe to come to our home, but I Think with two it will be very expensive. He is not around anyone who eats nuts, or soy, or anyhting he is allergic to, and I can't imagine how he could be in daycare, and sit at hte same table and have others eat things he is allergic to and not have an issue. Any ideas or suggestions? Therese

On Mar 2, 2006

I work at Primrose Schools in GA. They have several children that is pa, eggs, milk and other allergies. They take all precautions to watch the food they serve. They give all the teachers with an allergy list and on the table they have an info sheet as to what child is allergic to what with their picture. This child will sit in that spot.

I have just ordered some animal cookies from them for my pa son, because everything in the store has may contain.

If it was my child I would go to the facility that you are interested in and ask them how they handle allergy kids.

Good Luck,


On Mar 2, 2006

Is there a PA support group in your area? If so, perhaps you could you find another mom to keep your kids in a "safe" home.