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My son has an allergy to peanuts...He is only 2 so I'm pretty newly aware of his allergy and slowly trying to adjust. The biggest shock to me and my system is the fact that protecting him is a 24/7 job. This is one job that I'll never slack at, though!!!!!!!!!!

But I am finding it so difficult and disheartening to find a day care provider (he's never been in daycare before) that is truly as sensitive as I'd like for them to be. I've interviewed several and have come up dissapointed. I went to two separate Goddard schools and both of them say that they are very aware of allergys but dont forbid parents from bringing their own children in foods with peanuts. :-(

I live in Southern, NJ...has anyone found a daycare that really cares about this and goes the extra mile?

On Sep 3, 2006

We have had good luck with Kindercare. They only allow food that they serve from their own kitchen. They make an exception for DS because so much of their stuff is eggy, but they don't serve anything with nuts or peanuts anyway.

They have been good about training the staff to use Epipen and making sure that the kids don't share food.

Many of the larger chains, like La Petite and Kindercare have food allergy policies in place.

Good luck finding a place for your child!


------------------ Mom to 7 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 3 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Sep 4, 2006

Jacob's mom I hope you will be able to find a good daycare. I live in NNJ and Ds was already at preschool when he had his first reaction. He went to a school that was part of Knowledge Learning, I don't know if they have that one by you. I would definitely try kindercare--I remember going to Goddard School when I was looking for a preschool and was turned off by their attitude and haughtiness if you know what I mean.

On Sep 4, 2006

Kindercare and Mulberry are owned by Knowledge Learning. My DD was at a Mulberry center until last Thursday. Last Wednesday they sent home a note with the September lunch menu stating that as of Sept. 1 no outside food would be allowed for allergy reasons. See my post in the following thread: [url=""][/url] .

Personally, I would be wary of food supplied by the day care center. For example, the first day's menu item was fish sticks. My DD wasn't cleared to try fish until age 4 (and we still haven't introduced fish a year later); it's not uncommon for young children with a diagnosed food allergy to avoid other highly allergenic foods such as fish

On Sep 4, 2006

Hi. Thanks for your feedback. I did go to the Kindercare closest to me. Interestingly, they serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Wednesday...The Director there told me that they are very "careful" to make sure that Jacob would be given other food...and of course, this wont work for me... :-( Maybe I'll try another kindercare...

On Sep 5, 2006

My son goes to a chain of daycares by the Knowledge Learning group. They are peanut free, provide all the food and allow no outside food. I have had better luck with the "chain" daycares than individual ones.

On Sep 5, 2006

My 2 1/2 PA son is at Kiddie Academy- also a chain- i've found them to be wonderful.

The daycare/preschool is peanut "free" - no nut or peanut products are allowed to be brought in. they are very allergy aware (the director's 1 yr old daughter is PA) -- all meals are cooked onsite and they maintain a ingredient log for everything they serve (all the labels are copied and put into binders)..

they had a multicultural day recently where parents brought in food, and they required parents to bring in the recipe. even though they cleared recipes before hand, lucas' teacher checked with me before i could even check with her that morning -- she showed me everything that was brought in and the recipes that went with it and checked with me what lucas could and couldnt have (e.g., she was concerned because one dish had legumes)

he had a mild reaction (swollen eye) there once to what we think was lentil soup (he is PA & TNA) -- it happened within 30 minutes of lunch. we will get him checked for lentils at his yearly allergy appointment, but until then - they moved lentil soup to wednesdays- a day he isnt there.. i was also very pleased with their handling of the reaction - when i got there he was in the main office, epi pen out on the desk, they dosed him with benadryl and were carefully watching him. they had the labels from the soup cans out for me to see and they also checked the arts and craft center to make sure nothing "snuck in" under the radar

MOST of the Kiddie Academies in Central NJ are all owned by one couple- so their policies are consistent from center to center..

i believe there is one near Mt. Laurel NJ

On Sep 6, 2006

Hi Luc's Mom,

Thank you so much for your post. I did give the Kiddie Academy in Mt Laurel a call since its not very far from me. Unfortunately, they do offer peanut butter and jelly and granola bars in their facility. I guess down in our end of NJ, there is still alot of educating to do (sigh!)

On Sep 6, 2006

I am in middlesex county. I don't knwo of any daycare that are peanut free or even aware becaude my kids did not go to daycare.I only know of my dd pre k which does have a 2 yr old program. They just went peanut free this year. My older kids' school is also peanut free and they start their prek at 4. Sorry I cannot help you. What about private schools? They usually offer prek and a before and after program if thats what you need as far as hours. They may be more peanut aware if its a school setting.

On Sep 7, 2006


Originally posted by patsmommy: [b] I am in middlesex county. [/b]

Hi Pat's Mommy-- i'm in Middlesex county too!!

where abouts are you? i'm in South Brunswick..

On Sep 7, 2006


Originally posted by Jacobs Mom: [b]Hi Luc's Mom,

Thank you so much for your post. I did give the Kiddie Academy in Mt Laurel a call since its not very far from me. Unfortunately, they do offer peanut butter and jelly and granola bars in their facility. I guess down in our end of NJ, there is still alot of educating to do (sigh!)


agh! just for my own curiousity, i want to find out if the Mt Laurel site is owned by the "central" jersey folks.. the owners are very approachable..

On Sep 9, 2006

Hey Luc'smom I am in Old Bridge so not far from you at all