Daughter with PA


Hi all!

I'm new to this board. I have a 15 year-old daughter who had what we are pretty sure is a first reaction to peanuts in February of this year. She was eating an English muffin with PB and with 25 min., she had bad intestinal cramps, vomitting, followed a while later by welts and all over redness, swelling and throat tightness. We went to the E.R. where she was promptly treated with epinephrine, Benadryl I.V. a nebulizer (she's also asthmatic) and other antihistamines.

She has had one visit with an allergist who did a skin test, and this skin test was inconclusive. We are going back next week to get the results of her RAST and we hope to have a clearer picture then. The past 5 months have been quite a roller coaster and I have found great support on another allergic board, and I thought I'd also join this board as it is PA specific.

Hope we can be of mutual support!

On Jul 13, 2006

Hi Nicole, and welcome. I've been using both boards too (but I post under another name on the other one). It certainly sounds like PA if she had a reaction like that but hasn't had any other mystery reactions. Let us know how the RAST test goes. Hopefully you will get a clearer answer then.

On Jul 14, 2006

Thank you LisaM, will do.