Daughter going to Italy


Our 11 year-old daughter will be traveling to Italy in June of this year to play soccer in the Italy Cup. I'm VERY excited for her, and also *VERY* *VERY* nervous!

I'm buying a card from selectwisely.com that will translate her allergies from English to Italian. We are also getting an emergency card that says she needs a doctor or to be taken to a hospital. We will be packing many Epi's and lots of Benadryl. We will get a letter from her dr. stating how serious her allergies are and what meds she needs for types of reactions. We will pack as much food as possible for her so to avoid eating out. I'm finding out what airline they are taking so I can find out if they'll have peanuts/nuts on board.

The parents and coaches that are going are wonderful and trustworthy...but still.....I'm very nervous and I want to do EVERYTHING I can to be sure that she stays safe while having the trip of a lifetime.

Are there any other things that you can think of that I could do? I would love to hear any ideas that you have.

Eric, I see that you were in Italy for your honeymoon (CONGRATS!) and that you had good luck there. Are there any helpful hints that you might have for me?

I really appreciate any and all ideas and suggestions [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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On Mar 12, 2006

Please remember to add lupine (lupin) flour to your list. This is becoming more widely used in Europe.

Hope your daughter has a great trip. Best Wishes Jayne

On Mar 12, 2006

Try to get the name of the airline(s) she'll be taking and start the process now to insure a peanut free flight. FAAN can give you the names of cooperative airlines although lots of us here have had good experiences.

My son went to Scotland and we worked for months on the airlines only to get a fax two days before he left stating they serve peanuts in first class despite an email to the contrary.

He had his best luck speaking to the stewards as he was boarding. They seemed informed and made an announcement and checked up on my son a number of times. It was very heartening. Still the airlines should know about the allergy.

Plan to bring her own food for the flights and tell the airlines that so they only have to worry about airborne reactions.

Consider buying a HEPA mask. Our allergist suggested one but our son never needed it even though he had it.

Go to FAAN and download the letter you give to the screeners when carrying an epi pen aboard a plane. You might need a doctors signature and if you put the letter in front of him he'll be more likely to sign it or copy it to his stationery and sign it.

Get prescriptions from your doctor for all of the medication your daughter takes.

Make an emergency pack of medications your daughter can take on the plane IF she does have a reaction. We sent epi pens, Benadryl, oral Prednisone, and ramitidine (a H1 blocker for his stomach)all with written instructions when to take them. There was no chance he would have a big enough reaction to need them but you never know.

You might need a written prescription for each medication your daughter takes on the plane. Get those early.

He forgot his food at home. Remember to check for the food before you leave for the airport. Everyone will be excited and freaked out. Assign one person to food only so you are not likely to forget it.

Do everything as early as you can because there is alot. Don't go oveboard and scare the airlines or they will refuse to board her. If she does not eat anything but her own food it will be much easier for her to stay safe.


On Mar 12, 2006

we went to Italy , and only found problems with the sweet /dessert or the ice creams.

If your child is going to a 'touristy' area, things should be OK. We used our cards , but they all seemed to understand us. Get a good phrase book as they all seem to have a good allergy section in them, this will be a back up to translation cards.

we had a fab time, and had no problems with the nut side of things, the egg allergy did pose a few problems but we always got some safe meals easily for our allergic boy.

Your daughter will have a great time, it the parents that will stress!!!

let us know how things go. sarah