Daughter allergic to peanuts


My daughter is 6 years old and very allergic to peanuts. We have always eaten out and never really checked for foods prepared in peanut oil. Maybe we have just been lucky, but one our favorites is Chinese. We only had one bad experience and that was at Logan's Roadhouse where they throw peanuts everywhere. I thought as long as she didn't eat the peanuts she would be fine. She did not break out in the rash she just threw up one time and then we left. I don't understand why she doesn't break out or have a reaction when she eats things fried in peanut oil or when she eats plain M&M's. Anyone have any comments on that please e-mail me or post Thank you Lindsay

On Aug 18, 1999

People allergic to peanuts can have allergic reactions from ingestion, touch and smell. The touch and smell reactions typically are not as severe as ingestion.

In the most recent FAN newsletter Dr. Wood answered several questions including airborne exposures. He ranked the types of exposure by risk (1 highest, 4 lowest). The second level (pretty high) of risk talks about when food is being manipulated or disturbed such as when peanut shells are crushed on the floor of a restaurant or sporting arena.

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On Aug 18, 1999

Lindsay, conventional peanut oil is usually not allergenic because it is very impure. The protein that causes the allergy is not present in conventional peanut oil. Note that the medical literature on peanut oil says "most" peanut allergic patients can eat peanut oil. Cold pressed peanut oil is not safe. If the only reaction your daughter had at Logan's was vomiting, I don't know if you can be sure it was due to peanuts or if it was simply a stomach flu or something similar. As for the M&M's the ingredient list says "may contain peanuts." Several years ago peanuts was listed as the last ingredient on the package of plain M&M's. Our allergist told us not to eat any M&M's. I haven't talked to the manufacturer, but my guess is that "plain" and peanut are made on the same equipment so there is a risk of cross contamination.

On Aug 18, 1999

For years, "plain" M&Ms were full of chopped peanuts, it was an ingredient. The difference was that "Peanut" M&Ms had a whole peanut in the middle. Now, I think they removed the chopped peanuts from plain M&Ms, but added "may contain peanuts" at the end of the ingredient list.

So don't touch the plain ones!

On Aug 18, 1999

Hi Lindsay:

It's a bit like Russian Roulette if you are allergic to peanuts and eat plain M&M's. Plain M&M's are run on the same equipment as M&M's with peanuts. One day the worker who cleans the equipment between runs might do a wonderful job. One day s/he might come in with a hangover and not do such a great job. Since my son reacts to trace amounts of peanuts, it's a risk I choose not to take.