Dannon Danimals vanilla yogurt


DD has been eating Dannon Danimals vanilla yogurt (we dont' use the sprinkles)for about a year or more now. All of the sudden we are dealing with Tummy aches/diarreha within 30-45 minutes of eating lunch- common foods have been yogurt and golden delicious apples, has happened three different times. (and she's fine with cheese, milk, etc and apples by themselves). Trying to determine if its a combination of factors- by ruling out things one by one (yogurt, apples, being too full/eating too much, etc).

Has anyone else PA/TNA been using Danimals- any problems? Any other vanilla yogurt recommendations (U.S.- grocery store)(we don't have whole foods or anything similar) that are PA/TNA safe? Thanks!

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On Jan 12, 2007

We have been using the Danimals drinkable and sometimes the little yogurt without problem. I have never seen the ones with the sprinkles though. Why don't you try a different yogurt or different danimals without the sprinkles and see if it still happens?

On Jan 12, 2007

Thanks Josh's mom- I was just editing previous post to make more sense and saw your message. The Danimals we use are a little 4 pack of cups with separate sprinkles attached to the lid (that we don't use). You mentioned you use little Danimals- are these individual or in a 4 or 6 pack- don't think I've seen those. Thanks!

On Jan 12, 2007

For other vanilla yogurt we use yobaby, yoplait or big tub of Dannon. Whichever one I see first I grab. We also use Trix all the time not vanilla but the kids love it.

On Jan 12, 2007

I don't have those right now but they are in a cardboard package with 6 or 8. It has strawberry in there too. It will be 4 vanilla and 4 strawberry.

On Jan 12, 2007

Thanks so much!

On Jan 12, 2007

It could be the active cultures in the yogurt causing this.


On Jan 12, 2007

My 3 year old has been eating / drinking them for two years daily with no issues. She consumes all flavors spoon type and drinkable. She's eaten the sprinkle ones too with no issues.

On Jan 13, 2007

We've been using Stoneyfield without a single problem. MY DS loves the French Vanilla. Sorry I can't offer any experience on the Dannon, but this one works for us.


On Jan 14, 2007

my son loves the drinkable ones. we use yoplait. he had two in a row yesterday without a problem!

On Jan 16, 2007

We've used these (and other Danimals products) quite a bit with no problems. DD is PA only.