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FYI!!! Great story in Good Housekeeping Feb 2000 issue, about Allergies and about how bad Dairy Queen can be!! IS anyone sure that BK and Wendy's is nut free altogether?? Any numbers that we can call??

On Jan 8, 2000

Both Burger King and Wendy's have websites. Wendy's has an email and Burger King has a nutrional information page that lists the ingredients for all their products. We have had not trouble so far eating at Wendy's with my daughter. She is fond of the chicken nuggest, fries and the choc. frosty.

The websties are: [url="http://www.wendys.com"]http://www.wendys.com[/url] [url="http://www.burgerking.com"]http://www.burgerking.com[/url]

On Jan 28, 2000

Toronto Canada Dairy Queens have been very good with PA problem. Although they do have nuts on their products, if you go in and tell the manager about it, he/she will personally serve you after disinfecting the soft serve dispenser and wiping clean. I didnt read the article you are referring to, perhaps you could give us the highlites of it. Wow, everyplace (chains that is) seem to be very different here in Canada compared to the US, including McDonalds...very surprised!

On Jan 29, 2000

Hi Redtruck:

I agree with you about Canada's fast food chains seeming very safe compared to the States, however I would caution you about Dairy Queen. The one closest by my house posts signs saying that their products may have come in contact with nuts/peanuts and that they refuse to take the responsibility especially since they use the same mixer for their blizzards etc. Also, watch out for cross contamination of their dessert toppings. Last time I went there, the manager refused to serve me even if I took the responsibility of eating peanuts and all I wanted was a plain ice cream cone.

On Jul 13, 2000

I must say that the Dairy Queen in my city is excellent about serving my PA 7 year old son. When I come in and tell them about his allergy, they use a different machine to make his Blizzard. They clean it, then get the Smarties that he likes out of a brand new box from the fridge/freezer. I have never had a problem at Dairy Queen. Of course, I live in Canada, and from reading different letters from everyone, Canada seems to be more on top of the nut allery problem then the United States.

On Jul 13, 2000

Athrasher, welcome! You have to check out our Canadians thread and see if you have anything to add. We have a Dairy Queen in the small town that I live in. We've been here for two years. We have gone there without incident for the past 2 years. A year ago for Father's Day I even ordered a special photo ice cream cake for my husband and I gave very specific directions about how it had to be peanut free. They were to make it on a totally different surface than the other products are made. No problem with the cake. My girlfriend invited my son to a birthday party and was having ice cream cake from there too and she made the same request. No problem. But here's where the weird thing for me comes in and I'm not clear why except that there are so many peanut products in their various treats. I have stopped going there. I'm not comfortable. I have gone there for 2 years without incident. It is the only store in town where you can get an ice cream treat and yet, all of a sudden, again, without incident, I am very leery about going and so have stopped altogether. It's like a phobia almost and one I'm sure that I will have to break this summer. The last time we went in for a cone, I thought, what if the thing was used previously with a peanut product on it? I had ordered 3 cones so I made sure that I gave Jesse the last cone that came off. It's good to know that I can tell them specifically about the allergy and have them wipe down the equipment, etc. Thank-you for that information. Okay, so maybe I'm ready to venture there again.


On Jul 15, 2000

I'm not sure, but I think DQs ice cream is safe, it's just all the toppings and add-ins we need to worry about. Am I correct? So, is it safe to give our PA kids just a cone that comes out of the soft-serve machine? I have been doing this with my daughter, but you've got me all thinking maybe I shouldn't be! Thanks!

On Jul 15, 2000

I am actually curious about Linda-Jo's question about soft serve ice-cream at Dairy Queen? Also, what about just soft-serve ice cream in general..Baskin Robbins, etc. I assumed that this would be okay to serve up in a cone or cup withOUT toppings..


On Jul 16, 2000

My concern with soft serve ice cream is cross contamination. Have any nuts fallen in when they are refilling the machine? What flavor was previously in the machine that they are serving from? Does the person serving the ice cream have nut residue on their hands? We do go to McDonalds for their soft serve (the only flavor they ever serve is vanilla). They do have nuts there as a topping (there is some level of risk) but we have been fine and never have had a problem there. There are certain McDonalds that I won't go to because I don't like how the nuts are kept and don't trust the cleanliness. We did go to Dairy Queen for a long time with no problems but I have become more conservative as a result of two unrelated reactions.

On Jul 16, 2000

Cindy, thanks for the website suggestion of food companies and how they label in Canada and the USA. This is a great site. Please visit: [url="http://www.nuconnexions.com/Resources/companies.htm"]www.nuconnexions.com/Resources/companies.htm[/url] (if the link doesnt work, try [url="http://www.nucconnexions.com"]www.nucconnexions.com[/url] and go to food allergies and then companies list.) and check out the Dairy Queen section. The Canadian stores seem a little safer than the Amercian ones where their vanilla base ice cream is contracted out to 60 different manufacturers and cannot guarantee nut safety.

On Aug 4, 2000

The other night was our anniversary and we had a babysitter for the boys so we decided to go to Dairy Queen for dessert. We have not been there for several years and amazingly my husband remembered a situation we had about 3 years ago. We went there with my son, then 1, and he ate off of our sundaes/milkshakes...whatever we ate. Well, he got sick about 30 minutes later and started throwing up profusily. After several hours of him vomiting we ended up in the hospital that night but never did we think of a food allergy. It scares me to think of what "could" have happened. Stay safe!

On Aug 7, 2000

I am from the Cleveland Ohio area. My 16 year old son almost died from a reaction to peanut oil/peanuts not even a week ago. He is fine now but it was VERY SCARY! Since then, we have noticed that all Dairy Qeen's in our area (northeast Ohio) have a sign on/near the door that they use peanuts and peanut oil and if you have an allergy to them you should not eat here in case of contamination. CHEERS to them for taking upon themselves to care for the health of others!

On Aug 8, 2000

In my previous post I questioned whether giving my daughter the soft serve from the machine was safe, as she has eaten it before with no problems. Just recently, on two occasions, we stopped at DQ for a kiddie cone (choc). The girl advised not to even get the choc. dip as they dip their pnut buster bars in there and there could be traces of pnut in there. So, we just got her the kiddie cone. Shortly after she finished it, she said she felt like she was going to throw up, and shortly after saying this, she did. No hives and no usual symptoms related to her allergy. It wasn't like when she had her anaphylactic reaction. We thought she was excited, as we were just about to board the ferry back home. But this weekend, we went to the beach, and again, thinking DQ was safe, we stopped there and she got her usual kiddie cone. Again, shortly after eating some of it, she vomited. SO now, I'm staying away from DQ, cause I don't know what else to attribute to it! By the way, she's fine -- no major reaction, thank God!

On Aug 10, 2000

our pennsylvania DQ's have the sign also. I never take my son there but it caught the eye of my mother who thinks I'm nuts! Maybe some day she'll get it?

On Aug 11, 2000

Linda-Jo---just curious--where do you live? The DQ by the beach and the ferry sound like So. CA. ???

On Aug 12, 2000

Hi Momof1, We live in Massachusetts. I'm referring to the Cape Cod beaches and we took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard. It may not be the DQ, but it's off my list now with all the issues that I've been reading about. Rather be safe than sorry!

On Aug 20, 2000

At a Dairy Queen in CA, they posted a flyer on their drive-thru window saying that ALL their products MAY CONTAIN PEANUTS!!!! We have just moved to GA, and we have a DQ right by us.We haven't been there yet, and I'm not sure if they have the flyer up in their window, but I'm not eating there, anyway. I don't know if that particular DQ in CA was the only one that had that sign, but better safe than sorry.

On Aug 21, 2000

Linda-Jo: are you talking about the DQ at the West End rotary in Hyannis by any chance? At any rate, I'm staying away from DQ after all these stories. We've had no problems with other soft-serve ice cream, and there are plenty of other places to go.

On Aug 22, 2000

CapeCodMom: I was referring to the DQ in Orleans, on Rt. 6A. Since it happened at two different locations, I don't trust any. We've been to the Sundae School in Dennis with no problems, but it's rather expensive. On our last visit, they were really good in accomodating us with her allergy.