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Posted on: Fri, 10/29/1999 - 9:00am
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Joined: 02/03/1999 - 09:00

I'm quite surprised you would even order such a thing as a Blizzard. I know exactly what they are and they, along with a McFlurry, are one of THE most unsafest products one with a PA could order. They NEVER clean those machines and they use LOTS of nuts in those Blizzards along with other candies that contain nuts. You were definitely takin' a walk on the wild side!! Out of curiosity, do you order scooped ice cream from ice cream parlors?

Posted on: Sat, 10/30/1999 - 8:42am
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Anonymous (not verified)

I don't remember the website but I think it was Nuconnexions. On one of the earlier boards someone put a link for it. Anyway it said the vanilla milk base is processed on the same machines as hazlenut liquer. We don't even go in Dairy Queen anymore. I assume they use the milk base in their soft serve too. We definitely never buy scooped ice cream.

Posted on: Thu, 11/11/1999 - 8:56am
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To answer a question listed above, we never go to ice cream shoppes. The risk of cross-contamination is just too much for us!!!

Posted on: Sun, 12/12/1999 - 10:53pm
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FYI--I realize this is an old thread but I thought I would just post about my recent experience at DQ. This past Friday night we went there for our usual ice cream cone. There was a sign posted on the front door that said "This store uses nuts and we cannot guarantee that your product will not come in contact with nuts." It looked like a semi-professional sign, maybe made by the store owner vs. the DQ corporation. Anyway, in some ways it gives me comfort to know that there must be enough people out there asking to make them put up a sign and the sign also acknowledges to non-PA people that this allergy is very real.

Posted on: Mon, 12/13/1999 - 12:54am
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What an impact we are starting to make! Many who contact us ask what they can do, they are often surprised by what a difference they can make even in the little things they do which brings awareness to the allergy, such as posting on PeanutAllergy.Com about how living with the allergy effects their lives so that lawmakers, the media, and non-allergic people to see and have compassion for us. Other things such as contacting manufacturers to see if they are aware of the seriousness of the allergy and if they are labeling well and are cautious of cross contamination problems etc. have made a big impact! Many have worked to have stories done in the media which has brought more awareness, and of course, when we fight for our safety on, for example the airlines, we create the most awareness. Keep up the good work! If you want to help us continue to fight for our safety and to help us make society aware, JOIN AS A MEMBER and please, please send a DONATION, the more we receive the more we can get done! WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE, THIS IS WHY WE CREATED THIS COMMUNICATION AND ORGANIZATION CENTER, SO WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER! Here is a link to the form to let us know you are with us!
Stay Safe,

Posted on: Thu, 03/09/2000 - 5:41am
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Our area has been experiencing record high temps the last few days and with that comes the craving for ice cream!! I will only give my 5 1/2 year old PA son a vanilla soft serve cone from the DQ. Going through the drive-thru yesterday and ordering the cone I noticed a new sign posted on the window warning of the cross-contamination factor with peanuts!! Of course I was aware they served peanuts (Peanut Buster Parfait, Blizzards, etc.), but my concern now lies with the warning. Yes, they are acknowledging the potential risk for PA people, but with that warning is there a "let up" in safety? (Since we warned everyone we don't have to be so carefull thinking) I think I'll give the manager a call!!

Posted on: Tue, 11/20/2001 - 11:13pm
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Dairy Queen is brutal. We had an ice cream cake from there back in April and guess what I found in my piece? You guessed it, a whole peanut buried in the chocolate crunchy layer. We didn't allow my PA son to eat it anyway but it was scary to think that if we did give him a piece it would have been like playing Russian Roulette. I was glad that it happened in front of 14 family members just to illustrate to them why my wife and I are so strict as to what food we allow our son to eat.

Posted on: Wed, 11/21/2001 - 2:33am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Our local DQ has had a warning on their window for at least a year. When my PA son was about 1 we went with a group of friends to eat at DQ. I don't recall what he ate but that night we were in the emergency room because he was vomitting so much that he was dehydrated. At that time we thought it was a virus but now we wonder if it could have been contaminated. I will never allow him to eat anything from there.

Posted on: Wed, 11/21/2001 - 1:53pm
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Yes.. at Dairy Queen there are nuts all over the place.. on the counter, etc... dangerous.
If I want a sundae I just walk next door to McDonalds as the peanuts there are handed out in individual cellophane bags.

Posted on: Sun, 03/03/2002 - 11:31am
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Yes, absolutely stay away from Dairy Queen. I had my major analphalaxis reaction from eating there. When told about it, they were pretty unconcerned.



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