Cute Stickers and Clothing etc. Australian Website


Hi everyone, I have stumbled across this site, it is Australian so for all of the Aussies out there but they may ship around the world, I'm not sure, they will probably have that on their website. Star Allergy Alerts [url=""][/url] They have stickers, tshirts and epipen pouches and some other things (can't remember off hand), I'm 37 and have had my PA all my life and I got my epipen pouch from them as they are childrens designs but some are ok for adults. All my friends who have children with allergies go to this site for their stickers, they are really cute and a really good idea, I think Moni

On Jun 7, 2007

There is also a company in Toronto that has epi pounches and puffer pouches. They are the same as the ones in this add, but with more variety. My daughter has one and loves it. It can be worn as a purse or around the waist. Its from [url=""][/url]