Posted on: Sun, 08/29/2004 - 10:21pm
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My soon to be 3 year old pa son has sparked a scary curiosity. He has been talking about peanut butter and jelly nonstop . Yesterday we were at the pool and he was walking around asking for peanut butter cookies. We have spent numerous hours and $ to try to educate him as best we can. I know he can only understand so much at his age. I am just so afraid someone is going to give him something he can't eat. He does wear a medicalert bracelet , but it seems as he gets older, fewer peole ask about it.
I am looking to all of you for advice in how to handle this. I guess Iwas naive and didn't expect this. We have discused it with him, but he's still talking. Help!!!!

Posted on: Sun, 08/29/2004 - 11:42pm
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A.J. went through this same phase. He just turned four last month. I think they see that it gets us all worked up and on some level they like seeing that rise out of us. I just kept saying over and over, "A.J. - peanuts make us very sick, we can't eat peanuts ever." He thinks I can't eat them either, which actually helps my argument most of the time. Good luck.
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