CT Residents--Support this EpiPen Legislation

Posted on: Thu, 03/24/2005 - 9:43am
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Connecticut Residents:

HB6286 "An Act Concerning the Emergency Use of Cartridge Injectors" is supposed to go to the CT House of Representatives this session.

This bill would extend Good Samaritan laws to include the EpiPen AND would require before or after school programs, day camps and day care facilities to provide staff trained in the use of cartridge injectors.

This bill unanimously was approved by the State Judiciary Committee. The Attorney General was one of those testifying in support of this bill.

Link to a bill summary:


Please ask your representative to support this bill:

Under the proposed legislation the requirement for a trained staff member in a before- or after-school program, day camp, or day care facility only applies if (1) the parent or guardian of a child attending such program, camp, or facility requests it and provides written authorization to use a cartridge injector, and (2) there is a written order for its use from a licensed physician, physician assistant, or an APRN.

Before of After School Program

A "before or after school program" means any educational or recreational program for children offered in any building or on school grounds by a local or regional board of education, a municipal agency, or a private provider.

Day Camp

A "day camp" means any youth camp licensed by DPH established, conducted, or maintained on any land containing dwelling units or buildings intended to accommodate five or more children under age 16 during daylight hours for at least three days a week with the campers eating and sleeping at home, except for one meal per day. It includes any similar recreational camp program a municipal agency operates.

A "youth camp" means any regularly scheduled program or organized group activity advertised as a camp or operated by a person, partnership, corporation, association, the state, or a municipal agency for recreational or educational purposes and accommodating for profit or under philanthropic or charitable purposes, five or more children under age 18 who (1) live apart from their relatives, parents, or legal guardians, for and three days or more per week or portions of three or more days per week, and (2) are not guests in someone's private home. A youth camp does not include (1) classroom-based summer instructional programs as long as no activities that may pose a health risk or hazard to participating children are conducted at such programs, (2) schools which operate a summer educational program, or (3) licensed day care centers.

Day Care Facility

A "day care facility" means any child day care center or group day care home that is licensed by the DPH.

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