CT newspaper article


An article from the New London Day newspaper.


On Dec 14, 2003

Note that FAAN is referenced in this article. [b]However, they didn't use the "false sense of security" argument.[/b]

It would be interesting to know more about the specifics of this case.

[i]Schools Face Growing Number Of Allergic Students[/i] A Mother's Battle With School District Sparks New State Law Bob Child Lynn Osborne poses with her son, Dalton Perreault-Osborne at their home in New Milford Thursday. Dalton, 11, has severe allergies and must avoid touching stair railings and shaking hands.Osborne has been engulfed in an extraordinary four-year legal battle with school officials that has sparked a new state law, lawsuits and even charges of parental neglect. By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN Published on 12/14/2003

New Milford