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Did anyone see tonight's episode?

The "Axe Man" (an axe-murdering death row inmate) orders a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for his last meal and goes into anaphalactic shock so he doesn't have to be put to death by another person-he says he enjoys killing, so he also kills himself. It was a very violent anaphalactic death-very creepy and unnerving. Just wondering what everyone thought. My husband said it was good to for TV viewers to see that peanut butter indeed can kill. I'm seeing more TV deaths from allergic reactions these days. I guess this heightens awareness of the dangers of anaphalaxis, but freaks me out.

On May 16, 2005


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On May 16, 2005

Once a member mentioned that a person with PA had an easier way to committ suicide than anyone else. I found that really creepy. And pretty inaccurate also.

Anaphylaxis is ugly, really ugly.

My son is 20, he knows what's what. I'm glad he did not see that show tonight. Who needs to see that? Who needs their worst fears thrown in their face?

I think PA might be becoming fashionable and that is a mistake.


On May 16, 2005

Peg541, I remember the first time I posted about a TV show (drama) with PA involved - Nash Bridges. I knew that it made me feel very uncomfortable but when I posted about it (and this would be four years ago), the general consensus really was that at least it was getting the word out about how serious the allergy was (the young man was killed by someone who put peanut oil in his drink).

This episode tonight, I'm extremely angry about. As you said, it seems to be becoming fashionable almost but I don't think in a good way.

We need to get the word out and educate people in positive ways (the regular CSI did the best it could in an episode that was highly discussed here).

But tonight's episode just did not cut it with me. First of all, an inmate, on death row, for five years, well, the prison staff would have known about his PA because I am positive pb and other peanut products (and "may contains") would be served to inmates. And he hadn't told them he was allergic? C'mon.

No, if you'll pardon my French, this episode just ticked me off immensely.

I don't want to see anymore how people can murder or commit suicide re PA.

It was done poorly - his reaction wasn't; he suffered a horrible death, but no, I'm sick of it now. There have been enough dramas where PA or another anaphylactic allergy have been used and to me, enough is enough.

I was literally SHOCKED at the end. SHOCKED. Then extremely angry.

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On May 17, 2005

I haven't seen the episode (I cannot stand David Caruso & was only able to stomach the first few episodes of the series, though I watch the original CSI religiously & also like the NY series; but I digress)

I understand why people do not like this types of portrayal of allergies -- but above all else, I think it is helpful that people actually understand that you can die from food allergies. Many people do not believe this. So I am in favor of this information getting out, despite the distasteful format.

I look at it in a sort of 'historical' perspective in terms of 'plot advancements.' Years ago, in literature, everyone died or suffered from Tuberculosis as a plot mechanism. Then it was cancer. In the late 80s it was AIDS. These were the "in" diseases and brought forth emotions.

------------------ Ellen Allergic to Shellfish/ Mom to Jesse 9/01 who has PA

Sometimes I just want to say "blah blah blah blah blah."

On May 17, 2005

Elle Mo, okay, I hear and understand what you're saying, and how different deaths were popular during particular decades. The AIDS one really struck me and I'm thinking, okay, what if I was a family member of person with AIDS when every story line involved AIDS somehow?

My MIL called me as soon as the show was over last night. She thought that it had been a dream sequence and a very bizarre ending.

My SIL spoke with me about it this morning. She said that she knew as soon as he ordered the pb&j sandwich that he was PA. She did ask me about the reaction he had and if that happened to Jesse (which it hasn't - he has not had a seizure like thing where his legs are kicking and he has not spewn spit everywhere).

So, yes, it is continuing to educate and that he would eat 3/4-th's of the sandwich and immediately go into anaphylaxis and drop dead, well, yes, again it's educating.

If I look at it logically, as you're suggesting Elle Mo, then, of course, it doesn't tick me off.

It's just that I know that this is the second death row inmate where PA has been involved. I remember another show where the Mother brought in a cake filled with nuts so that her son would go into anaphylaxis and not be executed - she was hoping he would go into anaphylaxis and transported to hospital (it was the Mom that used to play the Mom on 90210).

And I guess a regular (not that we're irregular) person watching the show last night wouldn't have felt the same as I do. Well, certainly they wouldn't have.

The thing is, I have certain shows that I watch to escape from my life. I don't watch a lot of TV, maybe 1 or 2 hours at night and that's it and when one of "my shows" ends up the way this one did last night (especially after all the time I spent drooling over Eric Roberts [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/cool.gif[/img] ), it's just like man, can I not think about this even while I'm watching TV? KWIM?

I don't like to see FA's becoming the popular way to die in dramas. I'm sorry.

I also do worry about the sickos of the world and how they may use this information (then again, I could argue that Ice T shouldn't have been telling people how to mis-use OxyContin on Law & Order Special Victims Unit last week because he just gave very correct information to people that can now use it that may not have known the specifics of mis-using their meds; he was extremely specific about how to mis-use it - again, great as far as informing/educating about the mis-use of OxyContin and how it's called Hillbilly Heroin, but he went into specifics and I didn't even care for that).

I guess, for me, personally, I've just seen enough - drama and comedy wise and it really does bother me.

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On May 17, 2005

Yikes. I didn't see the show--only watch ER outside of PBS--and that's enough tension for a whole week. Okay, well late night Will & Grace episodes are fun, too.

Has anyone ever worried about this, though? That some day as children get older that other kids will try this as a prank--or as hazing in college. Or that it could be means for suicide?

I worry about it. DS is already so sad so much of the time. It's not about PA for the most part but because he doesn't fit in at school. He's very gifted and should probably be in the next grade, and his teachers have told me that he's more mature than the kids in his class and they don't know how to relate to him. You do so much as a parent to raise your child to feel good about himself or herself, but along comes a big whammy, and BOOM. I've had enough friends commit suicide. It's something I fear.

I'm rambling, but reading about this TV show just struck such a strong melancholic chord.

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On May 17, 2005

McCobbre, re your son's giftedness, are you able to have testing done whereby an IEP could be put into place and he would receive the teaching, at his level, in the subjects that he does excel at?

I'm sorry, I forget if you're Canadian or American, but I know I started to have my son tested this year to see if we can have anything put into place for him.

I don't really think about the suicide aspect in these dramas because I think if I re-raised every drama I've posted about where PA/other FA's/anaphylaxis were involved, it usually wasn't suicide. In fact, this may be the first one (although, again, I would have re-raise all of the threads).

I'm more concerned about the murder aspect, especially since it has happened in *real* life. I think about four years ago, here in Canada, a man was charged with conspiracy to murder his PA son-in-law. It ended up being made into a supposedly comedic TV movie of the week just this last Fall. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/mad.gif[/img]

That's what I'm more concerned about seriously, especially since my guy has certainly been threatened with regard to his PA and at a young age (younger than now and he's only 9-1/2).

I guess when it comes to educating re PA in dramas, I'm just kinda world weary. I've seen enough of it and the thing is, I don't even watch a lot of TV. 2 hours max a day.

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On May 17, 2005


Originally posted by McCobbre: [b]Has anyone ever worried about this, though? That some day as children get older that other kids will try this as a prank--or as hazing in college. Or that it could be means for suicide? [/b]

Yes, I do worry about this which is why I prefer to have a character die in a dramatic tv series or film, where it is clear that a food allergy is fatal, then have it be part of a comedy like Monster-in-Law.

If someone is copying CSI, then that person knows he will kill you. He wants you dead or is just a sick person & could just as easily kill you another way.

If someone is copying monster-in-law, he is ignorant & may not truly understand how dangerous his actions are.

------------------ Ellen Allergic to Shellfish/ Mom to Jesse 9/01 who has PA

Sometimes I just want to say "blah blah blah blah blah."

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On May 17, 2005

My husband and I were watching this last night.

My husband thinks I am too anxious about my PA.

But he was very quiet when he watched it.

I am hoping it made a big impression on him.

On May 18, 2005

I am worried about bullying and hazing using peanuts in some form. Worried for my PA daughter and worried for the bully after I got done with him or her... ack.

I also worry about my daughter getting to be a teen or young college student and drinking, forgetting her common sense and caution and in an intoxicated state eat whatever is offered or is around. It strikes me that this would be SO easy. I had my share of drinks in college and I remember that loss of inhibitions. Even very careful people forget themselves "under the influence." Scary, scary, scary. Maybe I can convince her to be a total teetoller - maybe she'll take after my husband, who hates loss of control and has never touched alcohol in his life! One can hope.

On May 18, 2005

I worry all the time about someone "testing" my DS to see what PA is all about. To see if it is real.

The people he lives with at school are respectful and I doubt would ever consider this but it is the world that scares me.

As to alcohol and loose inhibitions and poor choices, that is a big thing I stressed as we talked about drinking and choices and etc while off to college. I see some of his friends are introducing him to certain drinks like Hard Lemonade and I say that stuff is like candy you don't taste the alcohol but it's there.

PA is a good bargaining chip when you discuss alcohol, the loss of inhibitions and such making your PA twice as dangerous.

I'm pretty sure DS has a good head on his shoulders but it is still pretty scary.


On May 19, 2005

I recorded the show and didn't see it until last night, although I had read the posts here, so it wasn't exactly a surprise ending for me. I liked it. I mean, I wasn't too happy seeing him die so graphically. BUt I think it was a good thing. It made an impession on people, PA or not. It showed that someone died. It was not just swollen lips getting played for laughs. If that got the message acroos to one person who has contact with my son, now or in the future, then I will be very pleased. Although I wouldn't want it to be shown quite that way every time, I would like for the media to show that food allergies can be fatal.