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Cruising with peanut and tree nut allergy

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We are looking to cruise with our toddler with PNA and TNA. Have you cruised before and what was their policy on anaphylaxis and emergency evacuation? Do you have any tips or recommendations on cruising as an option? What was your experience on board the ships? Did you feel the staff handled your allergies seriously?

Thanks for your help and advice.

By Supermom1997 on Jan 3, 2015

We took a Disney cruise and they were fabulous. Our waiter was very conscientious and knew what memu items could potentially be unsafe. There were still many options and lots of ice cream. Our son loved the cruise. Good Luck.

By Lisab06 on Jan 21, 2015

We traveled on both the Norwegian breakaway and royal carribean explorer of the seas with our peanut allergic daughter. Both cruise lines took very good care of our daughter. I am not sure however what their emergency action plan is. On both cruise ships we avoided the buffet. We of course made the cruise line aware of her allergy before time. When we arrived on the ship we were able to pre order her meals for her. Breakaway chef went out of his way to make a special dessert for my daughter. I felt very comfortable and staff was knowledgeable about the allergy. Hope this helps

By Ciulla16 on Jan 26, 2015

I have a PA and Tree nut allergy and have travelled on two cruises with Princess. Make to sure to speak with the head waiter in the dining room on the first day of your cruise. Having a set dining time with the same waiter every night is safer, as the staff tend to work the same shifts and become familiar with you. Avoid the buffet, except for boxed cereal and fresh fruit. As for orher restaurants, I found the pizza place and burger shack to be safe. Avoid the ice cream, and the kitchen should be able to prepare almost any dessert in a seperate area without cross-contamination. gold luck!