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I did read the posts about the Royal Caribbean cruises & also found some from a couple of years ago for Carnival. I am pretty confused with the mixed opinions and from what I hear from both the Carnival & RC staff. It seems that although they both offer pb & RC does use peanut oil, they make special efforts that a PA person's eats safely. Is this enough?? I usually would not eat in a restaurant if they use peanut oil or if they served pb. Would you? It also sounds like people do not eat any of the food on the islands where the cruises stop. Has somebody been more recently on Carnival? Has anybody inquired while in Mexico or Belize about the food? My daughter is 15 & we're considering a family cruise on one of these cruiselines but am not too sure I feel safe foodwise.

On Oct 31, 2007

Hi I just came back from a 3 day carnival cruise. I am allergic to peanuts,nuts fish and I am lactose intolerant. I met with the head waiter in the main dining room every night and in the morning. They were very helpful. I kept my choices basic and simple and was OK. I never ate dessert and I also allowed myself a little extra time. Hope this helps.

On Nov 1, 2007

I just returned from a 7 day RC cruise to the southern Caribbean. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Every evening the head waiter would come to our table and show me the next night's menu. I would pre-select my meals and they were specially prepared for me. It was wonderful! He went out of his way to make sure that I didn't feel left out of anything that I wanted and was very knowledgable of issues. I was very, very pleased. I also ate in the Windjammer but stuck to foods in my comfort level - mostly salads, pizza and hot dogs. I did not eat off of the ship at all, that is not within my comfort level (I did eat in Puerto Rico and had an allergy card with me. It worked out just fine and I was able to get dinner and breakfast.) ****I did discover something for scary for those of us who like rum. In Antigua we popped into a rum store and they were selling peanut rum!!! It got worse a few days later when we were in St. Thomas. During one of our tours we stopped at a bar/gift shop and behind the bar they had a huge vat of rum with peanuts in it. TONS of them. I was suddenly not thirsty!!