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cruise lines/Disney needs to know about airlines

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Someone asked what else can we do to get peanuts off the flights or at least get a buffer zone established. . I would suggest we all write or call Disney World along with the cruise lines and travel agencies since many times they do the booking for their guest. I'm not sure if these organizations know what is going on with the Peanut snacks aboard many airlines. My travel agency didn't know! They could put pressure on these airlines to at least get a no buffer zone on all flights. We are after all, taking about big $$$$ here if enough of us complain. Disney goes out of their way to satisfy their customer. The airlines could do the same with pressure from our friends in the tourist industry as well.

I have notified USAIR and Disney Cruise Line of my concerns. I have not received an answer yet. Disney Cruise Line can be contacted at: [url=""][/url]

Good Luck, Leo

PS. My grandson has PA and we are taking a Disney Cruise to

On Apr 3, 2006

Update on USAIR. I just got off the phone with one of the Secretaries to the CEO of USAIR in Phoenix Arizona. Her name is Barbara and she also has PA. She called us after we sent a letter to the CEO of USAIR. Barb stated that they have received numerous calls and they are concerned about the PA issues. She was very courteous and stated that USAIR is looking hard at this issue and they expect a decision by the end of June of this year. I also asked her if I could release her name and phone number if folks had questions of USAIR. She gave me permission to use her name and phone number. I did not catch her last name. You may ask for Barb at the USAIR Executive office in Phoenix, Arizona. 877-369-6512. We do need to flood her with calls. She seems to be on our side but more phones calls are needed. Leo