Crossing Jordan - Murder by Anaphylaxis


Well, here we go again. It just seems to be such a common scenario now. I was never comfortable with it to begin with. I am even sure (but will have to do a search) that this particular show, Crossing Jordan, has had death by anaphylaxis before. I know that there is a PA character, Dr. Macy.

At any rate, only 15 minutes into the show, but apparently, a plastic surgeon is killed after surgery when someone administers penicillin and he goes into anaphylactic shock. There was mention of his tongue being swollen and that was it. The allergy was apparently written "all over his charts".

I guess, for me, it's almost getting tiresome. How many shows this year alone have had anaphylaxis in them? The past two years? And yes, I realize that does get people talking and does make people aware.

The CSI show this year was excellent IMHO. But with all of these murders and then in the sitcoms simply fun being poked at food allergies, I'd like to see something positive about anaphylaxis. I don't even know what you could write into a drama or sitcom that would be positive, but again, not pleased tonight.

Murder again by anaphylaxis.

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