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Cross-contamination or another allergy??

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My 19-month old is allergic to peanuts but does not appear to have a severe allergy (he can be around them without reacting). Since his initial reaction seven months ago, he has had two cases of hives that I can't definitely pin to peanut exposure. I'm worried that he might be allergic to something else. Four months ago, he developed hives around his mouth after eating a chocolate chip cookie I had made in our nut-free house. Everything in the cookies had been in other things he'd eaten with no problem except the chocolate chips, which were a store brand and did not give any indication that they might contain or had been made near nuts. This evening, he developed hives around his mouth after licking beaters from making Duncan Hines yellow cake. Again, nothing on the box mentioned possible peanut exposure (although I have since seen the thread on this site from 12 years ago about Duncan Hines). Does this sound like cross-contamination? He never developed breathing problems and so far no tummy troubles; just the hives where the batter touched him - and even then only the face, nothing on the hands. He is near peanuts without incident fairly regularly (though not when we can help it), so it seems to me that it would be odd for what must be the tiniest bit of cross-contamination to affect him like this - and even then, only externally. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

By haaschlr on Nov 5, 2014

After two calls to Duncan Hines and one to our allergist, we suspect a raw egg allergy. Going for testing in a couple weeks.