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My son just had a reaction to PB on Saturday, so I am still trying to come to grips with everything.

I am reading labels and removing all products in the house that are listed as possibly containing trace amounts of nuts. However, I've read a post in which a woman stated she also avoided all food that may be cross contaminated even though it isn't listed. My question is: How do you know!!!



On Aug 6, 2003

Lots of phone calls to manufacturers, and lots of searches here. You'll find that people often post in the Manufacturers section when they find a "safe" product. I usually will follow up with a call of my own, just to verify the information, and let the company know how much I appreciate being able to use their product.

I try to make these calls when M is occupied in another room, so that I am free to be specific with the rep that this is really a life or death issue for us.

M is old enough to be very careful about allergy issues (and he is), but is still young enough that I don't want him to feel as if his life is on the line at every meal! He knows that mommy is super careful, and that if we aren't sure (if I haven't talked to the mfr, or made it from scratch) we don't have it in the house.

Feel free to ask lots of questions -- it's how we've all learned. [img][/img]


On Aug 6, 2003

pjama0502, well, we probably scared the bejesus out of you as well as you finding out that your child is PA. However (and a big however), it is just super that you have found this site.

How to avoid things that *may* have been cross-contaminated. Wow, that's a big one and aside from what the person posted above to you about calling manufacturers, I really can't help you out that much.

I think I checked your profile and found out that you're American. Things are just so much different labeling wise here in Canada and I really just go by what the ingredient label says because *most* large manufacturers list "may contain" and "made in" here.

If you're more comfortable e-mailing (which I am) than phoning the manufacturers, one website I use quite often to get manufacturer information is [url=""][/url] Then, I just contact the manufacturer by e-mail.

I'll give you an example of something that I read here when I was new that freaked me out. Some PA parents didn't let their children eat Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I thought, why not? What's *wrong* with cream cheese? I looked at the label for Philadelphia Cream Cheese here in Canada and there was no warning on it. So still, what's wrong with cream cheese?

I finally contacted Kraft (probably via e-mail because I like to post the e-mail on the board here as well) and found out that Philadelphia Cream Cheese was made in the same building but on a different floor than Kraft Peanut Butter. Finally, an answer as to why people weren't comfie with this particular cream cheese!

My best advice to you is that you just ask any question that you feel you need to ask here. NO question is stupid. Seriously. NO question.

We're all here to help one another and get things sorted out together. The Manufacturers part of the board is a *good* place to start because a lot of people do post about what information they have gotten from manufacturers. I also like what the person posted above about reading the information here and then checking for herself afterward.

What you're doing now is probably one of the hardest parts that you'll go through with PA, finding your "comfort zone". It does take a bit of time, but it is do-able, especially with the great support of members here and honestly truly, you and your child will be okay. I honestly think that the most important thing you found out so soon after diagnosis is that there is (I wish I had found it when my son was first diagnosed).

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Aug 12, 2003


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On Aug 13, 2003


I echo the wise thoughts of those who have already responded. It is overwhelming in the beginning, but over time, you build your foundation of knowledge, and also define your "comfort zone" (at least for now). I say for now because as you encounter various life events, you will re-examine your beliefs as it relates to PA management. We are going through this right now with our son, who is about to start public school kindergarten, after spending the last few years at a private pre-school that was "peanut-free".

Just to clarify an earlier response you received, I believe the issue re:Philly cream cheese is that it was reported that they also make a Honey Nut version of the cream cheese.

Here's a link to that discussion...