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Posted on: Fri, 07/23/1999 - 12:14am
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since we are so new to this, I wanted to ask your advise on cross contamination. How much of a concern should this be for a baby whose rast score was a class 4? I don't know how sensitive he is since he has only had one ingestion. OUr son's allergist never mentioned much about the dangers of cross contamination except to say avoid all candy and packaged bakery items. After reading this board, I have learned that many of you with PA or kids with PA are avioding all sorts of products that share equipment. I have even heard that he shouldn't have any ice cream except Eddy's vanilla because even flavors that don't have nuts are made on non sterilized equipment. Evidently, Eddy's uses vanilla as the base for all flavors and runs it through clean equipment....Are some PA individuals more likely to have reactions from traces of peanut than others? Please advise and also what are your allergists saying to you???



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