cream cheese


Is there any safe cream cheese out there? I always see it with other brands with nuts in them Any help would be appreciated. thanks , Kathy

On Mar 6, 2008


We have used Philadelphia cream cheese now for the last 2 years, with no problems. My DD is PA TNA, as well as mustard, sesame and eggs. I stick to the plain flavour.


On Mar 6, 2008

I buy the plain flavor of a "store" brand or a name brand. I do not buy cream cheese at a bagel shop for fear of cross-contamination with some of their "mixed" cream cheeses.

On Mar 6, 2008

here's my cream cheese experience. i've been feeding my year old son cream cheese on cinnimon raisin bread several times weekly recently. this morning i apparently put too much on, and he had it ALL over him! one particularly large mess was on his forehead, and it got super red underneath. he tested negative to milk and consumes dairy regularly (soy formula though)... so im not sure if it was a reaction to milk, reaction to x-contam or if it just irritated his skin bc i didnt wipe it up immediatley. it was philadelphia, plain. anyways, just my 2 cents for the day!

On Mar 6, 2008

my cousins son had behavorial problems and certain foods affected him. she said cream cheese use to make his face red