Country Rich Neapolitan Ice Cream


I recently purchased a gallon of Country Rich Neapolitan Ice Cream at the store for my 4 year old son. He is the one with the peanut allergy. I am careful to check all labels, and thought I had read this one too. But, once I got home and was about to give him some - something told me to check it again. IN THE MIDDLE of all of the other ingredients it did list peanuts. However, this was not a product you would expect to contain any type of nut. I guess I have become used to most products warning consumers of a potential allergy hazard at the bottom of the ingredients.

I have already written a letter to the company asking them to remedy this by advising buyers that the product may contain nuts - in a way that would catch their attention.

Hope this helps.

On Jun 5, 2001

Great reminder Robin! I am very guilty of assuming that if a product that doesn't normally contain nuts (such as the ice cream you speak of) I just skim the ingredient label and look for a warning at the bottom.

Thanks again.