Could it be peanuts?!


I'm new to this board. I want to preface this by saying my son has an appointment with an allergist, I am just curious to what those who live with peanut allergy think.

Two weeks ago, my 12 month old son had a meal that contained two new ingredients: chili powder and peanut butter. My gut feeling is that his reaction was to the chili powder, but I am insisting on having him tested.

Almost immediately after starting the meal, my son started rubbing his eyes (did he rub them first and maybe get chili powder in them? don'tknow). His eyes became bloodshot, he started sneezing, and got a little rash across the bridge of his nose. His lips did swell up a bit. This whole incident didn't seem to bother him much (scared us a lot!) and he even kept eating his apple throughout! Called the doctor because we feared it could be peanuts. She had us administer his prescription antihistamine (he has eczema) and all was better in a few minutes. We've avoided all peanuts and peanut products and chili powder since. Does this first time reaction sound familiar to anyone?

Before this reaction, my son had, on numerous occasions, chicken nuggets made in peanut oil and never had so much as a hive from it. Could it be possible to be allergic to peanut, but not peanut oil?

Also, my son is Cambodian. He was born in Cambodia and adopted at 3 months. Cambodian food is very similar to Thai food...there are peanuts on virtually everything. It just doesn't likely to me (or our doctor) that he could be allergic to peanuts. Does anyone know the breakdown percentage-wise of those with peanut allergy (Caucasian vs. Black vs. Hispanic vs. Asian...of course, I am particularly interested in the incidence of peanut allergy in asian countries).

Any thoughts?!

We're still praying it's the chili powder(have since learned that chili powder is a common allergen). Will keep you posted.

Thanks, Jennifer

On Nov 10, 1999

I think I read somewhere that incidence of peanut allergies is much lower in Asian populations although they supposedly consume more peanuts. I think you can hold out some hope it's the chili powder - the sneezing and the bloodshot eyes sound like something that might happen if you eat something spicy. I know it's a long wait for the test results.

On Nov 10, 1999

Our daughter frequently gets blood shot eyes and a bloody nose when she has a peanut contact

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On Nov 11, 1999

Dear Gabesmom, This sounds so familiar. My sons first reaction was at one year old when I gave him peanut butter for the first time. He sneezed about 10 times, broke out in hives on his face, and his eyes swelled. We too wondered if this was papaya or peanuts. You are absolutly right to go to an allergist and avoid all peanuts for now. Please contact the food allergy network as they have wonderful information on living with food allergies and what you need to do to protect your son. Good luck. Ian's Mom

On Nov 11, 1999

I also remember reading that most peanut oil in this country is acid or heat processed which distroys the proteins that trigger the allergic response. We avoid peanut oil but I know our son has had that many times without reacting. He also has had chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds without incident. Ian's Mom again.

On Nov 11, 1999

A person can be allergic to peanuts and not react to peanut oil. It has something to do with the peanut protein and the refinement of the oil. Depending on the company, some companies leave peanut protein/peanut deposits in their oil. I am deathly allergic to peanuts so when I went to Hong Kong, they tested me for peanut oil and the type they gave me at the hospital did not cause a reaction. However when I was in Hong Kong, I reacted to peanut oil. I have been told that it was due to the fact that the peanut oil was not "pure".

On Nov 11, 1999

Hi While you hope that chili powder was the culprit, I think that you'll find there is very low incidence of chili allergy versus peanut allergy. I'd be willing to bet that chili allergy was not the culprit. Please let us know how it turns out.

Thanks, debbie

On Aug 2, 2000

Gabesmom-Are you out there?? Did you ever get the results of your son's test? I was just reading over some of the older posts and was curious as to how things went...perhaps you have posted elsewhere and I just missed it. tkiaml

On Aug 2, 2000

Sounds like a reaction to Peanuts. Almost exactly what my duaghter had. She had eaten a raw tomato and then Pbutter. I thought it must have been the tomato. wast he peanuts..

Ian'smom - are chicken mcnuggets from McDonalds cooked in peanut oil? I thought is was vegetable oil..Where did you hear this?

On Aug 3, 2000

Gabesmom, from what you posted and the subsequent posts, I have to agree - I think it was a peanut reaction. My son's first reaction, he broke out in hives and his lips were swollen and turned blue. I'm trying to remember his eyes, but I can't. I can remember his eyes with his 2nd & 3rd reactions (both anaphylactic). Please let us know as soon as you find out what it is, but as people have already posted above, stay away from peanut products until then! Best wishes!