Could Headache Alone Be Sign of Inhalation Reaction?


Dr. Cook says it's environmental allergies and sinus problems, but I'm wondering if anyone has had this experience or think it might be possible.

Could a headache alone (no other symptoms whatsoever) be a sign of an inhalation reaction?

The reason I ask (although again, in this case I do think it's environmentals), is that the headaches seem to happen after lunch.

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On May 10, 2007

Though I cannot answer the inhalation-reaction question, I do have another suggestion for you to consider --

Possibly he's getting headache due to blood sugar drop as he's not getting enough calories to get him all the way to school lunchtime? I suggest this because my DS8 is that way -- just like me. Even with the food at lunch, the headache will still come on (just after lunch) because he (we) didn't get the food into bloodstream soon enough. For my son, on the days he eats 2 bowls of cereal (a homemade concoction that is good carbs & protein), plus toast, juice, milk -- well, typically no headache. On the mornings of his skimpier breakfasts, I hear about him having had a headache, though it is better by the time I pick up at 2:40. Also, if he has good breakfast, but does not eat all of his lunch (or the dairy/protein components of yogurt & milk), then he will often have headache mid-afternoon. Only after good snack & some time is headache eased. (I rarely medicate those headaches.)

So, maybe also consider his diet, look at protein intake in AM especially -- if breakfast is mostly simple carbs & he's as active as my little (growing by the minute) guy, well that may be a place to make a change to see if headaches lessen.

For us, this year for DS (age 8 +) in school, plus PE, plus recess, plus growth spurt has meant huge dietary changes. The muscle I see him putting on needs a whole lot more fuel & I'm having to re-learn his needs on that score, anyway.

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On May 10, 2007

Shoot, meant to include

Breakfast at 6:30 - 7:00 AM Lunch at 11:30 - 11:50 AM (too short, grrrr.) Snack at home at 2:50 PM Supper at 5:45 PM (if later, super crabby & if as late as 6:30, he's got headache . . .)


On May 10, 2007

Do they go outside for recess right after lunch? If so, I would bet on environmental...

But I don't see why it *couldn't* be an inhalation rx... are there people eating pb in the same proximity?

It could also just be plain old fatigue!

Tara P

On May 10, 2007

migraines? There can be triggers- nitrates, caffeine etc I have read- might be an interesting search- I'm not an expert on this

On May 10, 2007

Today was my pa and ta sons check up appt. He has headaches also. I aked about this and she said that it could be a food trigger but to be sure, make a dairy of foods eatan and what time then you can determine if it is a tuna sand or tomato for example, that sets of the headaehe. Also, I dont know who this question is for but if it is for a preteen she said it could be from lack of sleep, as adolescents need LOTS of sleep and if they dont get it , it results in headaches. So that is what we are doing... could be a food trigger or lack of sleep for him. we are going to keep track. Also, could be the meds he is on.... He is off zyrtec because he cant sleep on it and is going to take his allegra 2 times a day instead to see if that helps. Hope this helps ytou in some way

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