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coughing ...sign of allergic reaction?.....

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we went to a friends house and while we were there William started to cough, a first irritating , then non stop , that made him eventually go pale , glassy eyed and have to sit down. Now, william does not have asthma ( about the only thing he dosent have...well thats how i feel today!!) .He is allergic to dog and cat dander and dustmite, and yes this family did have a dog, but has never coughed in a dogs presance before,( hives, facial reddness, but not cough) , then found out that in childs bedroom was a hamster, which william did not handle, or come into any contact skin wise. ( helpfully warned about hamster food containing nuts!) so, my earlier behaviour was a cruel mum and giving drinks of water , with brief sharp comands to "swallow hard , stop coughing and have some fun son" , finally realised that william was not feeling too good , in fact he looked pretty washed out and was not a happy bunny , so kept him well away from said animals. gave up and took him home, five mins down the road coughing eased and william began to look and feel much better. the question is.... can a non- asthma child who has multiple allergies just have a cough/ throat(?) reaction and still not be asthmatic? I do plan to go to doctor and mention it, but wonder if anyone has these reactions and like my son does not have asthma. ? thanks sarah. I do hope i have explained this well, its getting late.!

On Jan 12, 2002


Coughing is one of my son's first signs of a rection - ingested OR airborne. At first it starts out just an 'annoying little cough' then gets worse and more frequent.

Sounds like that may very well have been what happened with your son.

BTW, my son does not have asthma.

Take care, Tammy

PS. My son is allergic to dogs, cats, and dustmites, too. If I don't wash his bedsheets every week religiously, he'll end up with a cough at night. Not terrible, just annoying.

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On Jan 12, 2002

My son does not have asthma and one of his first signs of a reaction is a cough, which by the way sounds entirely different than his usual cough that comes with a cold. It is more of a short hacky cough, not a deep cough. He is allergic to peanuts and cats. The reaction to peanuts and the two to cats have all started this way. I would bet your son was having some sort of reaction to something.

On Jan 12, 2002

My PA sons are also allergic to dogs, cats, horses & dust among other things but they are not asthmatic. Since finding out about the allergies, we gave our dog away & have done everything possible to keep our house dust free but we still get occasional coughing fits. Especially when someone who has a pet comes over & they have the dander on their clothes or jackets or we visit someone who has a pet. Benadryl is the only thing that seems to help but of course that makes them sleepy. Also, I always have them take a bath when we get home or the guests leave.

On Jan 12, 2002

Ah, that cough. It is very different than a cold cough for sure. Rebecca had it one day on the way back from her allergy shot. The Dr. is 20 min away from the house. I try to remember her benedryl as well as Epi-pen. Had to stop in a gas station and give her Benedryl, the cough started and then she was having trouble breathing. Just a funny feeling when it started. Arlene

On Jan 12, 2002

This has ALWAYS been our first sign of reaction also....wether ingested or inhaled. As the others mentioned it is completely different than a virus/illness. My problem is our son does have asthma so it is very difficult for me to know if it is a beginning of a reaction or an attack.

On Jan 13, 2002

Hi Sarah,

Sounds like a reaction to me! BTW, my allergist warned us off hamsters and guinea pigs, saying that even more than their fur, it is their urine and bedding that are terribly allergenic.

Sorry for your poor boy - hope he is feeling better now.


On Jan 14, 2002

thanks , williams fine. more animals to avoid....sigh, oh and in september william will go up to class 2 and they have a hamster in class. Hmmm that will be fun.....! ah well , perhaps it will be dead by then ! I can only hope! HA HA !! thank sarah.

On Jan 14, 2002

Williamsmum, I know that since our Hampster has passed away Jennifer has not sneezed or got up with barky cough since. I am the ding-dong that thought it would be so good for her to have the cute little thing. Now as far as cats she is really allergic. Some dogs irritate her. My sister in law has a scottish terrior and we sneeze around her. The hair length is not the thing that causes the allergy it is the dander that a dog has. There are so many things that it sounds like your son could have been reacting to. Did you read the ingredients in their pet food or is that a silly question for me to ask? My doctor told us that if a child is allergic to cats that A ferret would be ten times worse for her. Not that I was running out to get one. There is also a chance one of your friends children ate peanuts before you arrived. I am glad William is ok. take care claire

On Jan 14, 2002

Sounds like the cat if I compare it to my allergy. For some reason I am more allergic to some cats than others. I have had coughing fits after being around certain cats, or especially multiple cats. It could have been the combination of the animals. Also, I have noticed in houses where people do not dust or vacuum regularly it is 10X as bad. Hope William is up & perking around now. Amy