Costco Warehouse Muffins


Jacob had eaten these muffins before we found out about his PA-with no reactions, and when I saw the label said it was processed on machine with nuts I didn't want to buy them anymore.

I asked the staff at Costco and was told they receive a dry mix and then they add wet ingredients "they do not come in contact with peanuts when they are mixed or baked in the store" but I was advised to call their headquarters. I called Costco's # in Seattle WA and they checked with the supplier that mixes & packages the dry ingredients. The supplier said the muffin mixes are only exposed to walnuts (NO PEANUTS) Jacob had about a half of a muffin today and NO REACTIONS. YEAH-my 3 1/2yo dd wants me to buy these muffins everytime we see them and I just couldn't buy them without knowing what kind of nut.

I did suggest they change their label to be more specific and list walnuts.

Just thought I would let everyone know.

On Jun 30, 2002

I just wanted to bump this. I was looking at the muffins at the local Costco (Concord, CA) and the label said they were processed on the same equipment that processes PEANUTS and nuts.

------------------ Cheryl, mom to Jason (4) and Joey (2)

On Jul 8, 2002

I will check the next time I go to COSTCO and see if they've changed the labels here in MI too.