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I have been trying to get rid of Nuts in Costco bakeries. Years ago (10yrs) they never had "may contain". Now all their products have a may contain label.

Every time I go to Costco, which is at least 5 times a month, I fill in a comments card stating that they should make their bakery nut free. (I never sign my name, so they might think their is more than one person complaining). If everyone who goes to Costco throughout the city, would fill out the comments card, maybe they might do something about it.


On Jul 9, 2003

There is a new product at Costco called Churro. It is a long cinnamon donut.

It is made on a nut fee line, but the factory is not nut free. There is no wall seperating them.

On Jul 9, 2003

I think that it is unreasonable to expect commercial bakers to remove nuts. Nut-free is a niche market with less than 5 per cent of the population. Specialized businesses have been set up as nut-free and they target this niche. Asking mainstream bakers to forego baking many of their most popular products does not seem reasonable to me. 95 per cent of the population can eat and enjoy nuts and desires baked goods that have them as ingredients.

On Jul 9, 2003

no comment.

On Jul 9, 2003


What do you get out of this website? It's fine for you to be able to eat peanuts/nuts you are lucky.

But why are you here?

On Jul 10, 2003

This is a wonderful, and very helpful site.

What I understood about your comment, was that it was to bad for the 5% of us who cannot eat nuts, and that the world should not change for us. I agree with e-mom. Why are you here?

On Jul 10, 2003

I am here because my children and other family members have severe peanut and nut allergies. I am here because although I can eat nuts, I choose not too because of my family's allergies. I live with the issues that are raised on this board daily and because of my family history [siblings, cousins peanut allergies] I have likely been dealing with allergy longer than many here [more than 40 years!!].

I love this board because it allows an exchange of information and viewpoints. I have training in allergy/anaphylaxis education and I work with government, schools, corporations etcetera to help them develop anaphylaxis policies for employees, students etc. I work strenuously to help keep allergic individuals safe through risk reduction and education.

I posted about the COSTCO bakery because although I shop there I do not expect them to have a nut free bakery. I do not allow my children to eat from any commercial bakery, ever. In my post I was merely pointing out that COSTCO exists to make a profit and to serve a market that it has identified as potentially being profitable. They are a company, in business to make money for shareholders, and expecting them to change focus and serve a much more limited market and much less profitable market is unreasonable, I believe. There will always be companies that serve niche markets like ours but I believe that all we can expect from larger, mainstream market companies is accurate, full disclosure on labelling of their products so that we may make informed choices.

I hope you understand my post better now. Thanks for asking.

On Jul 10, 2003

Well, there's nothing wrong with urging bakeries to go nut-free. Most of them won't do it, but since there is a need for nut-free bakeries, what's wrong with customers making their needs known? They have those customer-feedback forms there for a reason--they want to find out what their customers are yearning to spend $$$ on.

I live in Chicago, a gigantic city with thousands of neighborhood bakeries all duking it out in a very competitive market, many of the owners barely making it. If a few of them got the bright idea to go nut-free and marketed along those lines, I think they could capture a huge market. Just look at the prices we'll pay to order nut-free chocolates via mail order.

There are doggy bakeries in Chicago! Special restaurants just for dogs! So if dogs can have their own bakeries, what's wrong with the families of PA people agitating a bit to let businesspeople know that there's a market out there for peanut free bakeries.

I agree with PeanutKate that we can't totally expect every company to accommodate us (and Costco is probably hopeless since they're a huge chain), but we are consumers with $$ to spend and there's nothing wrong with letting businesses know what we'd like to buy.

When there is enough of a demand, someone will step up to meet the need and take our money. If we all sit home and politely never mention our need for peanut free bakeries, we'll never get any. Maybe someone at Costco will read those customer request forms and have a lightbulb moment and open a peanut free bakery.

On Jul 10, 2003

Sandra Y....well put.

I have, and my friends and family have put their input in the comments box. I even put down my name and phone number. No change or phone call.

On Jul 10, 2003


Thanks for clarifying a few things. I definitely understand that most commercial companies will not accommodate the pa community. I personally do not expect them to.

However, what's the harm in asking?

On Jul 10, 2003

You know I guess I should have said that I agree that there is no harm in asking. I think I was just reacting to the frustration that I sensed from the poster. Sometimes we frustrate ourselves by having unreasonable expectations. I explained to my children that they can't eat stuff from bakeries or donut shops and they don't worry about it but I did for a bit because I felt they were missing something. Their attitude that it was not a big deal to them helped me be less mournful on their behalf. So there you have it. I think we need to keep asking sure but I don't want us to spare a minute being frustrated because the action we desire is not occurring. Does that make sense?

On Jul 10, 2003

Sorry, somewhat off topic.

PeanutKate, your profile doesn't list where you are from. If you are in the US, you should check into Krispy Kreme Donuts. My ds has absolutely no problem with them and I do know a lot of other posters have them as well.

Just a thought. [img][/img]


I do wish that commercial bakeries would go peanut-free. I just think that it's gonna take a PA President and an entire PA Senate to do so. [img][/img]

I know you are frustrated with Costco, but please hang in there. [img][/img]

On Jul 17, 2003


I think "5%" is a helluva somewhat "guaranteed" market. I wonder what percentage of the overall "bakery" market any one individual "bakery" gets in a given distribution area.

Still, I don't lose any sleep over bakeries that use nuts. Truly don't believe my PA/NUTS son does either. (He eats so well, it doesn't make a difference what he can't buy from any bakery---and.......HE LOVES "MOM'S COOKIN'"). But if I was trying to get close to 5% percent of the market, I might (lose sleep). [img][/img]

MommaBear [img][/img]

On Jul 24, 2003


Originally posted by PeanutKate: [b]I think that it is unreasonable to expect commercial bakers to remove nuts. Nut-free is a niche market with less than 5 per cent of the population. [/b]

Hi Peanut Kate,

I think manufacturers (in Canada anyway) are realizing that they can make profits with peanut-free products. Touche Bakery ([url][/url]) sells products at most grocery stores (A&P, Loblaws, Fortinos, etc) and they are 100% nut-free. The web page gives more details. There are other new bakeries as well doign this recently (ie: Bransons) and Dempsters, one of Canada's largest bakeries, now manufactures products in nut-free facilities too (the fresh waffles even have a "nut free logo" on the packaging [img][/img]

On Aug 14, 2003

I posted this in Manufacturer's area a couple of days ago, but I'm repeating here so Sandy will see this option for a safe bakery product in Ontario. I do think it is important to support businesses that are peanut/nut free.

The product is a package of 6 fresh cinnamon rolls (like the type sold at Cinnabon type stores, but smaller and breadier) labelled Baker Boys Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls. I found it at my local Food Basics.

There was no peanut/nut warning on the packaging, but to be certain, I checked the web site and emailed for info. Here is the reply I received (very promptly):

Dear Mrs. XXXX, Thank you for your inquiry. All of our products are peanut and nut free and we do not carry any peanuts or nuts within our plant. Thank you once again for your interest. Please feel free to call if you have any further questions or concerns. Regards, Ray Denyer Director of Sales, Retail Division Baker Boys/Division of Cinnaroll Bakeries Limited [email][/email] [url=""][/url] 403-255-4556 EXT:24

The company is related to a western Canadian chain called Cinnzeo you may find at malls. I emailed Ray again to ask about the safety of Cinnzeo products. Unfortunately they are not safe for people with tree-nut allergies. Ray wrote back: "As to our Cinnzeo stores we do offer a product that is made at store level, that has pecans on the product so there would be the possibility of cross contamination with our rolls."


By KrisMarie9 on Apr 21, 2011

We are not "hating" on peanuts we are allergic to them there's a huge difference .. Obviously we would not purposely eat them we just don't want to risk eating anything that says "may contain peanuts" which doesn't leave us with a lot of options .. I don't think people without an allergy understand the serverity of it, all it takes is a small taste or a touch on your skin & your life could be over .. It's a scary thing to live with, always worry about what your eating & what your touching .. It's not fun, all everyone is trying to do is lessen the risk factor of having an allergic reaction so we can all stop living in fear. If you dont agree with what we have to say then I suggest you delete your account. Were here to support each other not to hear from "haters"

By IHeartPeanuts on Apr 21, 2011