Correlation-ige levels and severity of reaction


I am looking for both scientific and anectodal information that supports the theory that the higher the IGE serum levels are on a CAP-rast test the more severe a reaction will be.

It seems to me based on the posts that those who live with these allergies believe that the serum levels really only correlate to the chance of having a reaction, not to the severity of that reaction. I would like to hear from Class 5 and 6 PA folks who have had mild reactions and those whose levels are lower but may have experienced a more severe reaction.


On Oct 10, 2007

Hello ZiaMom, welcome to the board. This is an issue that the responses usually vary quite a bit.

In our situation my dd is a class 6+ however I never underestimate this allergy. I have heard of anaphylactic reactions with a very low ige level. My dd has only had her initial anaphylactic reaction and has had no reactions since. We have been fortunate thus far.

I believe that anyone, regardless of their levels/numbers are at a risk of anaphylaxis at any time, in my opinion only.

On Oct 10, 2007

I agree. My son is 22 has had PA forever and I have no idea what class he is. He has airborne reactions and trace reactions. His original skin test was 4+++ with a red line up his arm.

Looking now at his numbers I see he's a class five (5.)

I don't go by numbers. He has an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts. He is also allergic to numerous foods but has never had an anaphylactic reaction to any of them.

We were told even recently by a BIG allergist that any allergy could become anaphylactic at any time so beware. He avoids everything on his list.


On Oct 10, 2007

My daughter is a class 5 to peanuts and reacts with anaphylaxis. She is also a class 3 to cats and dogs....her dog number is actually higher than her cat number....but she generally doesn't react to dogs, but cannot be near a cat AT ALL, I've nearly had to call 9-1-1 after a 10 minute cat exposure in the past. She is also class 3 to eggs, but eats them with no problems whatsoever.

So I don't know....I tend to believe that a higher number probably means a more likely reaction rather than a more severe reaction.