anyone know of a safe corn nut product without a may contain statement?

On Jun 6, 2005

Inka Corn- I got them at Trader Joes and they have no warning on them.

I have not called but the number is 1-800-808-0858

On Jun 6, 2005

thanks. my sister said theres a trader joes near her. maybe ill check it out next time. thanx!!

On Jun 6, 2005

[url=""][/url] I.M. Healthy recent came out with Roasted Sweet Corn. It's pretty good.

On Jun 7, 2005

hey. called and talked to john. he said he has gotten many calls from peanut allergic people and never had a problem. said they dont sell them at trader joes anymore but i can get them at 711. may try them.