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Cooking/cleaning for Peanut Allergies?

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Hi. I don't have a peanut allergy myself, nor does anyone in my family, but I'd like to make a cake for my friend whose birthday is coming up. He has severe peanut allergies. I understand that it's going to be hard to make sure everything is safe, and I have a few questions about cooking for people with peanut allergies:

-Is it safe to use glass baking dishes and metal spoons and mixing bowls that have previously been used to cook chocolate cakes that may have had peanut contamination? If so, how should they be washed? -How do you clean an oven to make sure that there's no peanut contamination?

-Is it safe to assume that unopened bags of flour, sugar, and other ingredients are safe? Or can they be contaminated, too?

-I'll be washing the dishes before I use them. Should I get new dish rags? Can I wash them in my sink, where I have washed dishes with peanut butter before, if I clean it?

-Can I transport the cake in a plastic container that I previously used to hold chocolate?