cooking with sunflower butter or soynut butter?

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With the holiday season coming up I've been wondering if I could substitute sunflower butter in some of the recipes I have that call for peanut butter. Has anyone cooked with sunflower butter or soynut butter?

On Nov 5, 2005

I have used soynut butter to make "soynut butter" cookies and also to make "grilled pork burgers indochine" which is asian style grilled pork patties with peanut butter mixed into them (and other herbs and seasonings.) I have found that soynut butter is an excellent substitute for peanut butter in cooking, both in taste and texture.

Sunbutter tastes like sunflower seeds--not a bad thing, but not the best substitute for peanut butter IMO.

------------------ Mom to 6 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 2 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

On Nov 5, 2005

on the sunflower butter website, they say to add a little lemon juice or decrease the amount of baking soda/powder in the recipe b/c the ph of the sunbutter will turn it green when it cooks (and mixes with the baking soda/powder)

I haven't tried cooking with it yet.


------------------ 30-year old survivor of sever peanut/tree nut allergy

On Nov 6, 2005

My DH just made cookies with sunbutter last night -- and Smarties on top -- almost like having a peanut butter M&M cookie!!!! They are super yummy!

On Nov 6, 2005

Sunbutter is a great alternative to PB in baked goods like cookies.

The only thing I've found is the "peanutty-like" taste lessens after a few days, and the inside of the cookies will turn greenish in that time as well. Totally safe to eat, but just a warning because it was unexpected for me when I first started using it.

On Nov 6, 2005

Ryan's Mom - you've finally explained it for me. I had read about the green thing on, but I had never experienced it. I'd wondered why. But now after reading your post and finding out that it only happens after a couple of days - a sunbutter cookie never lasts in my home for a couple of days!

------------------ Sherlyn Mom to 5 year old twins Ben & Mike - one PA & the other not. Stay Informed And Peanut Free!

On Nov 29, 2005

i used the IM Healthy brand soynut butter for soynut butter cookies-- i used the Honey Creamy kind. They were PERFECT and delicious. I've also used it for satay sauce and my friends have told me it is excellent with chicken ( I don't eat meat) but it certainly was good on tofu.

A friend of mine experimented with making a soynut butter fudge cheese cake or something for me--- I didn't end up making it up to visit but apparently it worked out really well.

I've essentially found that the creamy IM Healthy Soynut butter with the yellow label seems to make a great substitute-- all I've gotten was positive responses to it!

On Nov 30, 2005

When I could still have oats, I made no-bake cookies with sunflower butter. The cookies spread a bit more, but they're quite good.


On Dec 1, 2005

I can totally ditto sidni's post. I use to buy IM Healthy brand, but can't get it anymore (person told me they couldn't guarantee it was organic so Loblaw's wouldn't sell it anymore.)

So, now I buy Naturalife(organic soy nut butter(honey added, peanut free, dairy & gluten free). It tastes the same as IM Healthy so I'm happy. Imported by DMR Food in Toronto

On Dec 1, 2005

Thank you for explaining the green thing! I figured it was oxidation or something; it doesn't look appealing. I tried using Sunbutter for peanut blossom cookies, which my husband loves when made with peanut butter, but he didn't like them. I'm going to try the soy butter now that Christmas baking is upon us; thanks for the recommendations.

On Dec 19, 2005

Thank you for the recommendation to use soy butter! I tried making soy butter blossoms with I.M Healthy brand, and they look and taste good. My husband didn't even want to try one when I told him about them, but then he went along and ate one and said it tasted and looked good, very similar to his favorite peanut butter cookies. I can taste the soy, but it isn't unpleasant.

On Dec 19, 2005

I just used Sunbutter to make Buckeyes. (for those of you in Ohio - you know what I mean) They are usually made of peanut butter, butter, and powdered sugar, dipped in chocolate with part of the peanut butter showing...looking like the Buckeye nut. These have always been a holiday favorite and this is the first year since PA I have attempted to make them. They turned out great and so far no green color - but its only been 1 day and I keep them in the fridge so the chocolate won't melt. To me, they taste just as yummy. The real test will be on Christmas when the family tries them. I thought I would just let you all know how excited I was to make them. I love Sunbutter! Andrea

On Dec 21, 2005

I used to love Buckeye's when I was little thing. Let me know if the taste lessens a bit over the next couple of days. It seems to do that with my cookies, but maybe it is a temperature-related thing.

On Jan 3, 2006

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