Cooking Spray

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Any recommendations for safe cooking spray for PA and TNA? I have Crisco in my cabinet, but I am yet to try it. Has anyone used this before?

On Jul 2, 2007

i have pam cooking spray

On Jul 2, 2007

The regular Pam spray? Is Pam Cooking Spray a Con Agra company?

On Jul 2, 2007

My personal favorite is Crisco's Cooking Spray. When that's not available, I use PAM. When that's not available, I use Giant's store brand canola spray. Never a problem with any spray other than some work better than others! (I also don't call on these as I've yet to see a peanut oil spray.)

On Jul 2, 2007

yes but most people said they used it when i posted

On Jul 4, 2007

I just bought some Crisco spray last week. I called the company and they said it is pa/ta free and no worries of xcontam.