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Posted on: Thu, 04/22/1999 - 5:50am
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Continental Airlines no longer offers peanut-free flights and will not accept any requests for a peanut free flight or a peanut free zone on any reservation made on or after 2/1/99. Any requests made on reservations made prior to that will be honored. Customer service issues the following verbal statement to customers requesting peanut-free flight (me!). I asked the representative to speak slowly so I could write it down.
"Continental is always concerned with your safety. Due to the widespread use of peanut products in the food service industry, we are unable to guarantee that our aircraft and food products will be 100% free of peanuts, peanut oils, or peanut byproducts. If you have health considerations we strongly encourage you to bring your own peanut free foods aboard our flights."
We are booked on a trip from LA to Britain in July (made 3/12/99)and have a peanut-allergic 4-year old. The airline does not consider us eligible for a refund. I guess the message is that this airline does not consider peanut-allergic individuals to constitute a sufficiently large proportion of their income to care.

Posted on: Wed, 11/01/2000 - 1:56am
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Someone on this board suggested that if there are any problems, go straight to the pilot. I think that's a good idea. Also, remind them of the airplane that just made an emergency landing recently and how much extra money it will cost them if they have to make an emergency landing. Not to mention the aggrivation.
Went back and looked at the old posts - it was American Airlines that made an emergency landing in Canada due to an allergic reaction on or around August 31, 2000.
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Posted on: Wed, 11/01/2000 - 7:25pm
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What a stupid b*!#h! How DARE she speak to you like that. OK, they may have changed their policy (for the worst), but she was so rude. People like that make me so MAD. Shes acting as if you're interrupting her leisure time and not as if shes doing her job.
What kind of attitude is that from the airline : "changed their policy and that they are no longer changing their flight policies to assist those with food allergies"?? How selfish is that? These people are here to provide a SERVICE and it's not FREE, so why do they act like they are doing us a favour by letting us (the general public) use their airline??
Well, that's the end of my little rant! Seriously, you should report her to her manager for being so condescending to you, mind you the manger would probably be the same.
I hope you have a very safe flight.

Posted on: Thu, 11/02/2000 - 1:07am
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Thanks for the support, guys! I will tell the flight attendants when I board the plane anyway. I think they have a lot of nerve. Unfortunately I have to travel by plane (I don't have a week off to drive to Seattle from NJ!), so I have to play by their rules. I just hope I have a safe flight!

Posted on: Thu, 11/02/2000 - 1:22am
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The last "service person" who spoke to me in such a rude condescending way really inflamed me. I am not an activist but I will not be treated like a child. Although my issue did not involve PA I believe my actions resulted in the optimum of positive result. Forget going to this person's supervisor or their manager or the vice president. Write directly to the President/CEO of Continental with your story. Be specific about the negative, rude response you got (include names if you have them). We need to go to the source. These policies are made at the corporate level and trickle down to the lesser employees. Complaining to low level people will just be a waste of time. Go to the top. Get their attention. If they don't respond (I've never had this happen) quickly, write again with a cc: to your paper or news station. Although the President of the company has never personally contacted me, they assign someone to deal with the issue, say a Vice President who has been given marching orders in how the company officially wants to respond. I have always had positive experiences from this approach. Try it - love to hear their response.

Posted on: Tue, 04/27/1999 - 3:03pm
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Hi Eileen!
I just posted under "United Airlines" and I feel for you!!! Airplanes can be such a panic attack for the parents. It's the fact that you just can't open the door and walk out. Maybe you should contact a lawyer. They can't possibly not give you a refund. I just can't believe the way some corporations work. I'm sure and I'm hoping though that airlines are still taking precautions on what their food is even though they say they won't be "peanut free" Everyone I know who has been on a flight this year I have called them when they get home to ask what their food was and it has all been peanut free. Good luck to you and I'll be thinking of you safety.

Posted on: Wed, 04/28/1999 - 2:47pm
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Oh no!! We just made reservations with Continental to go to CT in July (from TX). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stay safe during the flight and any ideas for a plan of action just in case there's a problem on the plane? Would they land the plane if our child was having a reaction?!

Posted on: Wed, 04/28/1999 - 3:35pm
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Get Continental to put an "allergic to peanuts" note in in the OSI (Other Services Information). I was told if there is an medical emergency the captain will make a decision about whether to land or not! AND I would need to have informed the airline first that my son is allergic to peanuts or they might not believe me. I will be flying over the Atlantic Ocean with them and, last time I checked, there is nowhere to land. They had no suggestions other than to watch where my son put his hands. I will take multiple EpiPens and premedicate him with antihistamines (I plan to talk to his allergist about how to handle this). We will never fly with Continental after this.

Posted on: Thu, 04/29/1999 - 12:33pm
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Hi all,
Just wanted to let everyone know that I never received a reply from my e-mail to Continental on their new pnt policy. I requested a reply on their web site, but have not heard a word. Everyone needs to contact these airlines and let them know we don't agree with their policies.
Stay Safe.

Posted on: Thu, 04/29/1999 - 4:14pm
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Note: Always post contact information ( ex. Continental Airlines 800 number to customer relations department etc.) to make it easier for everyone. This saves everyone time as they will not have to look it up. You can put the website address and any other information your find such as fax numbers. You should do this as often as possible so everyone can find things quickly and not spend a lot of time searching for it.

Posted on: Fri, 04/30/1999 - 10:29am
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oops, Continental 180-525-0280 and 1-800-932-2732.


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