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Weve known my son is allergic to dogs and cats, both sons actually. So we go nowhere there are pets.

Tonight my dh went to his dads, he has 2 dogs. He was petting them and came home, and touched my pa sons neck. A little while later I see huge hives on his neck. I had just gotten home from Wal-Mart so had no idea if he had eaten something he was allergic to or what. Hes also on Zithromax for pneumonia. Didnt know what was causing it, he says he didnt eat anything. Gave him benedryl. They went away, he was fine.

I was scared to give him his zithro before bed in case that was the cause, but figured better here then to give it to him in the am and send him to school.

After he went to bed my dh realized what it was. Now im kinda worried. How allergic do you have to be to have a contact reaction like that to dogs? This could potentially be a problem in school, etc. with other kids who have pets.

Great , something else to worry about [img][/img] .

Anyone else every react to dogs by contact? Or do you think it was something else ?

On Dec 18, 2003

We had a dog when we first found out about dd's PA. One thing we learned was that many dog treats/toys have peanut in them. Perhaps that is what caused your son's rxn?

Hope this helps, Mary Beth

On Dec 18, 2003

Well, it could be the zithro, did you call the doctor and ask his opinion? My non pa is very allergic to dogs. Could your other child have brought home dog hair on his clothes and then your allergic child sat in the same spot on the couch or something?

On Dec 18, 2003

I don't know that dog dander is as resiliant as cat dander, but studies have shown that people in offices/schools can have symptoms simply from being around someone else who has a cat at home.

Since it's the dander that's the problem, anything that's touched the dog and then touches the allergic person can transfer the dander. Maybe it won't be as bad in the school setting b/c there wouldn't be as much skin contact. Your son was touched directly by a hand that probably had dander on it, if the dog dander was the cause. So that's more of a direct contact with the allergen.

On Dec 23, 2003

My son is allergic to cats and once had a very bad reaction from petting a dog at a neighbors house. It turned out that the dog belonged to someone else who also had a cat and just touching the dog gave him a reaction. So it may be possible that the reaction was from your dh petting the dog.


On Dec 23, 2003

thanks for your replies. Im sure it couldve been from the dog, but if you see my other posts hes had to other reactions since then (need your help please, main disc. board).

My oldest son had an anaph. reaction to cats, and breaks out in hives anywhere near dogs. One day we were outside and he was standing about 2 feet away from a dog and broke out in hives that didnt go away for hours even with benedryl. I almost took him to ER.

Thanks again

On Dec 23, 2003

If my husband visits friends who have cats, he has to shower as soon as he walks in the door here and home and tos his clothing in the wash. I *will* react to the cat allergens via his contact if he doesn't do this.

Similarly, if I play with a dog while I'm out, I have to go clean up and wash *my* stuff, or he'll have a reaction. He's asthmatic and dogs are one of his only triggers.

Of course, there's also the issue of dog foods containing soy and peanuts. I'm not really very allergic to dogs, but if they've just eaten and they lick me--I'm in trouble.