Contact reaction and dog food


Does anybody have any experience with dog products? I posted on the reaction forum so I will keep this short. My PA daughter has not had a reaction in 3 years. She has had two this week, both times after the dog licked her face. I was giving them pedigree puppy. I have since changed to Eukanuba. The puppies have also had rawhide chews. Does anybody have any experience with safe or unsafe dog products? Any clue how something that supposedly does not hae peanut product in it could cause a pretty severe contact reaction?

On May 8, 2008

Hi Hockeymama,

What kind of reaction did you see, was it hives, or something else? I used to get a reaction from dog saliva from certain breeds of dog that I owned (desert breeds with thicker saliva) and their short hair used to irritate my skin as well. (My son has PA and I don't have pa but have environmentals to everything). The other thing that comes to mind is that the rawhide or food could have been cross contaminated with peanut (when they put loose rawhides in bins they might have used the peanut flavored bin for natural flavored rawhides). Or could it be that the outdoor allergy season is just boosting the immune response to the doggy? Hope you find out soon, it's so nervewracking to not know!

On May 8, 2008

I agree that it was probably the rawhide (which, btw, I would never feed our dog-even compressed rawhide. I've read so many stories about dogs ingesting parts of them and dying or almost dying (and racking up a big vet bill)). I believe Pedigree and Eukanuba are both considered safe for nut allergies. Also these are not very good dog foods in general.

On May 8, 2008

We had a similar problem a couple of years ago. Our new puppy ate some science diet good. He licked our son four hours later and he broke in hives on the spot where he was licked. There was nothing in the ingredients that indicated that the food had nuts or peanuts in it. I called the company and they told me that their factory is full of peanut shells which they use to make their diet dog food. After much research I finally found a safe food--natural balance. When I called them, they told me that they do not have any nuts in any of their facilities. WE have been using their food for two years now and have not had a problem. Hope this helps.

On May 10, 2008

Hi, my son had a reaction to dog food - hives - but he has an egg allergy and the food that we feed the dogs has eggs. He touched the bowls and broke out in hives. So not sure if it was peanuts or the eggs. We use the dog food from Costco