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Hi! Whose children have trace amounts or contact reaction to PN/TN? What do you avoid? Do you only buy from nut free facilities or do you buy from facilities that make the product on a dedicated line but their are nuts in the facility? My dd reactions seem to get worse each time she is even in the same area as someone who has eaten nuts. I am also looking for a nut free facility that makes crackers and cookies does anyone know of one? Sorry for the long post after much research this is where I am at. Thank to everyone who has been so helpful for even the smallest things.

On Sep 30, 2003

MY ds has had contact reactions. His 1st reaction was from touching pb. His second reaction was from dh kissing him on cheek after eating walnut covered ice cream cone. Ds has been tested for walnuts twice, so we assume walnuts were cross contaminated. His 3rd and last reaction was ingestion. He is only 2, so he doesn't eat very many commercial products. Mostly he eats fruits and veggies for snacks, and home cooked meals. He's only had my homemade cookies. He does eat goldfish from Pepperidge Farms as crackers. We avoid any products that have a chance to be cross contaminated in any way.

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On Oct 2, 2003

I always phone the companies to see what their facility has. If it's on a dedicated line, in a separate area of the plant I will buy. If the company explains that they have strict guidelines about peanut-nut contaimination, I beleive they are taking this seriously. Reading the food recalls will really help you decide on who NOT to use. Comanies can be repeat offenders and if they're careless once, I figure they'll be careless again in the future. If my daughter dies she won't have a future so that company is off my list forever. Rules about new foods in my house are as follows: no new foods after 4 pm in case of a reaction which could occur up to 8 eight 8 hours later. No new foods unless another adult is around in case I have to rush to hospital and need sitter for younger sibling. Almost all companies have different plants in canada and usa and they can be quite differnt. Here in canada I personally use christie crackers but every year I still phone to make sure they haven't changed the way they manufacture or package their products. I tend to do A LOT of home made baking because I do not trust bought cookies. Food recalls tend to have a lot of confectionaries and baking so that tells ME to stay away from them. If somebody offers my child food and I'm not around, she is NOT allowed to have it. Even if it's something we have at home. Just in case the plant has changed it's ways. This way by the time she's old enough to make her own decisions, she can make an informed one. If I'm there when the food is offered she can only take it if I give the O K. I wish there was a list of what to give and what not to, but unfortunately things change so you have to go with your gut, and make lots and lots of phone calls. When you do find good companies though, you tend to buy only their product. Lipton says EVERYTHING they make is peanut free but that doesn't stop me from phoning them. Imperial margarine, ragu pasta sauce all made by lipton. It's soooo hard to know which companies are owned by whom. It's hard work but after a few years it's not as scarry as it was in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, I still have fear, and can break down crying from thinking about it when I'm alone but just remember, kids with these allergies grow up to be adults and learn to live with it on their own. We just have to give them a really really good base.

On Oct 2, 2003

I have a silly a positive skin prick test an indication of a "contact reaction"

On Oct 6, 2003

Sorry, not answering the original question right now (my son has had an anaphylactic reaction to contact only), but CorinneM1, no, I didn't think your question was stupid and I'll tell you why.

When I took my daughter to be allergy tested to see if she was PA like her older brother, I also decided to have my PA son tested for everything but PA. I already knew he was PA so why test?

At any rate, the way the serum was set out at the allergist, there was no way for them to avoid putting the peanut serum on my PA son's skin. What I asked is that they NOT skin prick it. He had a reaction regardless with quite a large wheal (welt?).

This confirmed for the allergist that my PA son was definitely PA because he had what would be considered a contact reaction to the peanut serum placed on his skin but not pricked. So, I think having a reaction to peanut serum that was subsequently pricked on your skin would be considered a contact reaction as well (or wait, would it because the skin has now been pricked and the serum has gone inside the body or has it?).

Kinda hope this helps. Thought it might but now not sure.

For the original question, my son has had one contact reaction to residue at school (source unknown). It was anaphylactic.

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