Connecticut Support group


I am in desperate search of a support group in my area..... can anyone help. I am in CT about 20 minutes from new haven... but can travel a bit...

On Jul 16, 2001

Jennifer-Try [url=""][/url] I believe that it's a support group based in Connecticut.

------------------ JennG Mom to Justin (12/24/99). Anaphylactic to peanuts. Allergic to soy (borderline) and whole eggs. Allergic to cats. Avoiding all tree nuts. Cut out raisins, citrus fruits, and Zyrtec...seems to have helped with eczema on his face. Starting to think about eliminating wheat and/or dairy. Main reaction to allergens is eczema and hives.

On Jul 16, 2001

I don't live in connecticut but wanted to let you know that my MIL who lives there sent a copy of the July 1 CONNECTICUT POST to us with a huge front page of the WOMANWISE section article on food allergies. It was excellent. They said call 212-527-5835 for info on food allergies as well as info on support groups in Greenwich and Weston. hope that helps.

On Jan 16, 2006

There are currently two support groups in CT, that I know of. The first group is the Food Allergy Association of CT, and their website is [url=""][/url] They meet in the Hartford area. If you live in CT, and want to keep current on food allergy news in CT, including legislation, meeting dates and guest speakers, sign up for the FREE email list. See the web site for details on how to sign up. There is also a support group that meets in the Milford area, called the Food & Latex Allergy Awareness Group. See their website [url=""][/url] for details.

On Jan 19, 2006

We live in Cheshire. There is a small informal group that shares issues/updates re PA info. If you want I can share e-mail addresses. I also am on a email list from a local state rep who sponsors food allergy related bills and related PA acts. Contact: [email][/email] to get on their distribution.