Connecticut.... is in need of a support group!


I am looking for someone.. or a group of some one's hehehe that either have established or are looking to establish a suport group for allergies or mothers of allergies.. sorry didnt mean to exclude the dads out there... parents of allergic children. lemme know Jennifer even email me at [email][/email]

On Sep 13, 1999

Hi Jennifer

We've had a local support group based in Fairfield, CT for over a year now. We are about 40 families and meet about every other month. It's call the Alliance for Severe Allergy Preparedness (ASAP). If you're interested in joining or being on our mailing list, contact me or my wife Beth.

Jerry McTigue H 203-255-2149 W 203-454-5525 [email][/email]

On Sep 14, 1999


There is also a group based in West Hartford, CT. It's medical advisors are Dr. L. Mendelson and Dr. J. Factor of CT Allergy and Asthma center. There is a meeting this Thursday, Sept. 16 at 7:00 p.m. at the West Hartford Public Library. The address is 20 South Main Street, West Hartford. This meeting will have speakers who will be adressing medical response in CT. Future meetings will include Anne Munoz-Furlong of FAN and next year Dr. Hugh Sampson will be addressing the group. I plan on attending for the first time this Thursday unless the weather changes my plans. Take care.