i thought someone on here could help me my mum has told us she has a pa and she has started carrying around a syringe of some sort, the thing that puzzles me is none of the rest of the family have pa and she used to eat nuts all the time when i was younger, is it possible to develope it in later life most people i speak to say no you are normally born with it PLEASE HELP

On Jan 19, 2004

Sorry to hear of the allergy ... it's always a blow!!

If it's any help, I used to eat nuts like they were going out of fashion, then developed the allergy at age 42 !!

Do tell us more about yourself / your mum??

On Jan 19, 2004

hi nick thanks for answering me x well my mum is a bit wierd lol she said she was alergic to mushrooms but i know for a fact she has eaten them on several occasions thats why i wanted to check about the nuts. she said that nuts can kill her if eaten now but she also goes on about people walking by her with them and she said she cant handle them in the room with her. well my youngest left a pkt of nuts under her dolls house and my mum was in the room for a good while and never noticed them i didnt notice them till she had left so its a case of you dont know what to believe she eats dairy milk chocs the box and i know there is nut chocs in there but that doesnt bother her now do you see why im confused ?? xx

On Jan 19, 2004

chelle180 ... I can tell you that you will probably find it more and more confusing for the immediate future.

There are people who are very severely "airborne-allergic" (can cause anaphylaxis); there are some who just suffer "discomfort". I am not, to my knowledge, airborne-allergic, but I do start to "worry" a bit when I am around nuts ... but I am sure there have been occasions when I have just not known about their presence. There was a dish of dry-roasted peanuts at a family party at Christmas (they forgot to remove them) so I just kept away from them, not wanting to make a fuss. Everything was OK, but I did start to worry a bit!! [img][/img] I didn't let anyone else touch my food, either!!!

It seems that we are maybe talking about "may contain" traces of nuts in the Dairy Milk (sounds like you are in the UK)... I have eaten "may contains" before and not had a reaction. I have, however, had a minor reaction from a "may contain traces of..." product, so it is impossible and not wise to generalise.

When I developed the allergy, I made the decision to stay away from all nuts and "may contains". I use my "gut feeling" now to assess whether to use "not suitable for" products, depending on how *I* judge the risk of cross-contamination.

It is a very complex area; we all have different "comfort zones" - it is something you will have to talk through with your mum to see how SHE feels with regard to having nuts or "may contain" products around her.

What I *can* say is that, for the allergic person - well, for me anyway - it is very frightening. I can't comment on how it feels for someone who is dealing with the allergic person .. I guess it's also very scary.

Hang around on this community, read what you can, ask questions. Don't be afraid that you may look silly or ask questions which have been asked before : we've all done it; we'll all do it again, too.

There is a whole WORLD of advice & information here to be tapped... it's good to see that you have made a start! [img][/img]


On Jan 19, 2004

thanks nick for your help i will take your advice and keep in touch with the group xx

On Jan 19, 2004

Nick, excellent posts. I really can't add anything.

But, in answer to the original question asked I developed pa as an adult. Then discovered one of my brothers also developed pa as an adult. Several years later my sister developed multiple food allergies, including pa.

We all grew up eating peanuts, but, I was the only one who absolutely loved them.

And, chelle180, I would like to suggest that you talk to your mom about her epi-pen (the syringe you mentioned). There may come a day when you could save your mother's life by using it on her.